In a world where everything is accessible via the web, there lies a way to control what you and your loved one view.

In the 21st century, supervising children has become an unnecessarily complicated task. As each child becomes infatuated with the smartphone from a young age, most parents oblige and eventually, the child can be seen navigating through videos on a smartphone and/or tablet. 

Are you tired of the excessive screen time for your child?

Do you wish to know what your child keeps watching on the web?

With parental control software, you can do all this and more with a few clicks.

Keeping Track Made Easy

While stopping children from an activity is not a solution, keeping an eye on their activity is what matters and can help bring timely change. 

With parental control software installed in the computer, or any other device your children use, you can:

  • View browser history
  • Block websites
  • Record web and/or computer activities
  • Limit screen time
  • Supervise social media and email usage

In short, parental control software is like a tech-affiliated nanny who keeps an eye on the children always, making sure they don’t go astray.

With such software in tow, you will know if and when your children have done their homework, whether they actually researched, and exactly how much screen time did they utilize in a day. 

Get your parental control software from BPORIVER – today. 

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