California Privacy Policy

Data We Gather

The people of California are covered by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that provides them with the exclusive rights related to their private info, dependent on certain exemptions. This act needs us to reveal the data we gather, the reasons for which we gather it, and what we distribute and reveal.

What information we gather & Why

In this Privacy Policy, we describe what information we gather from you and what are the purposes of using it as you have the right to know about it.

What information we share with third parties

In this Privacy Policy, we describe what information we share with the third parties as you have the right to know about it.

Right to Know & remove the information

You have the right to inquire from us what personal information we gathered from you for the last 12 months and you are entitled to request this info not more than twice a year. In addition, you have the right to request us to remove your personal information.

Right to ask us not to disclose personal information to third parties

You have the right to convey to us not to reveal or distribute your personal information to a third party. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) states this as your right to tell us ‘don’t sell my personal information’.

Opt-Out consumers of ages between 13 to 15

We opt-out consumers whom we really identify are minimum 13 and less than 16 years old. According to the rights provided by the CCPA, we do not sell their personal information except they chose to.

Monetary incentives

We do not present any monetary or financial incentives for consumers to take any kind of action in this regard.

Non Prejudiced

We will never discriminate you for exercising all or any of the rights mentioned in this Privacy Policy. Nor we will change the prices of goods /services to influence your choice in this regard.

Exercising Your Rights

Right to Know and Right to Delete

The CCPA has given you the right that you can ask us to provide any information we are holding about you. In addition, you can also ask us to remove any of your personal information. You can make a request online and we will confirm your identity by emailing and asking you to reply in order to proceed with your request.

In case you ask us to provide the personal information we have collected, and if we are not able to confirm your identity, or your requests create any kind of threat to any one or security hazards, we will only provide general information regarding the personal information.

In case you ask us to remove your personal information, and if we are not able to confirm your identity, we will not be able to complete your request.

Opt-Out (Do Not Sell)

You can always Opt-out or ask us “Not to Sell” your personal information to third parties by contacting us here

Authorized Agents

In case you are an authorized agent, kindly follow the provided guidelines. Moreover, you will be required to provide proof that you are listed and officially registered with the relevant authorities. In addition, you must have the document that specifies that you own the authority or right to act on the behalf of the consumer. For this, you should be providing all of your contact details as your identity, email, etc. In case of insufficient information provided by the representative, we will not be able to work on their requests.

Requests by the family/household

If you want to request personal information about your family or household, kindly follow the guidelines offered to work on your request. We will also need to confirm the members of your family or household. In addition, for some specific cases, if a request leads to security concern for any family member, we will not be able to further proceed with the request.

California “Shine the Light” Law and California “Eraser” Law

The people of California might request a list of all third parties to which we have released specific data during the past year for those third parties’ marketing objectives.

If you are a resident of California and you are below the age of 18, you may appeal to us for the exclusion of certain data and information you have publicly posted. However, kindly note that such types of requests cannot fully provide the guarantee to completely remove the content from the Internet. Also, there may contain some situations in which the various laws may not let us allow the complete removal of the information you posted.

If your requests fall under the “Shine the Light” or “Eraser” Law, kindly contact us. We will receive requests to proceed with these rights only through our contact form with the appropriate subject line and full and precise information.

Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries or concerns regarding your California Rights on our contact form

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