Cookie Management Policy

This section explains how users can manage the cookies that are located on their mobile devices or personal computers by BPORIVER and third parties.

Managing Third Parties on Your Computer

To collect information about your online behavior and actions, there are multiple companies that use cookies utilizing internet-based advertising services. Some of the companies are the Network Advertising Initiative and Digital Advertising Alliance. You can always opt-out from your information getting collected by these companies. To know more about the technologies they use to collect your data or their own privacy policies, you can always visit their websites. There are also several advertising associations which have developed self-regulatory policies to allow users to have more control and understanding over the customized or interest-based ads.

Browser Settings

The most of the web browsers you use come up with the various abilities to reject, accept or delete cookies periodically when setting to specific options. Usually, web beacons are used to track the cookies. These web beacons will not track your activities while visiting the websites if you set your browser to delete or reject cookies. There are several browsers and each browser has a different cookie options. It is completely on your behalf to accept cookies from BPORIVER or third parties. But you must know that in case you block cookies, you may not receive or access some features of the services of BPORIVER or other websites. You can easily disable cookies function in various and widely used internet browsers. Here is a guideline of some of the important browsers which can help you disable the cookies:

Mozilla Firefox (version 3.5 or later)

  • In the "Tools" menu, click "Options"
  • Under the "Firefox will:" drop-down, choose "Use custom settings for history"
  • Uncheck the "Accept Cookies from Sites" option to block every cookie otherwise
  • Click on the "Exceptions" button to accept/disallow the cookies from of the specific websites

Internet Explorer (version 6 or later)

  • In the "Tools" option, click on "Internet Options"
  • Click the "Privacy" tab
  • To alter your cookie acceptance settings, change the "Settings" slider down or up level
  • Click on the "Sites" button and enter those websites for which you wish to set the cookie's status

Google Chrome (version 4 or later)

  • Click the wrench-shaped icon in the top right of your browser window
  • Click on the "Options" button
  • Click on the "Under the Hood" tab
  • Click on the "Content Settings" button
  • Click on the "Block sites from setting any data" to block all cookies Or
  • Click the "Exceptions" button and specific website names to set the status of cookies

Cookies Management On BPORIVER's Mobile Apps

If you install the BPORIVER's mobile app, then you may receive cookies on your mobile device. The cookies placed because of the installation of our mobile applications works in the same manner as they do in a personal computer. You may have the opportunity for not accepting the cookies before the installation of the BPORIVER's mobile applications. But if you do install our mobile apps then it would mean that you are allowing the access of your data on the mobile device from the cookies.

Flash Cookies Management

The cookies created by the Adobe Flash Player on your personal computer or mobile device generally termed as 'local shared objects'. Their function is same as compared to the standard cookies. The size of these flash cookies is larger that can be downloaded on a mobile device and personal computer. You can control and manage the settings of these flash cookies on through the Adobe Flash Player.


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