Mobile Terms

Mobile App End User License Agreement of BPORIVER

Effective From: January 2018

By downloading the mobile app created by BPORIVER, you accept all the terms and conditions of this end user license agreement. After acceptance, this agreement may be implemented against you and any entity that downloaded the mobile application. Please don't install the mobile app if you don't accept the terms of this end user agreement. If you install mobile application from apple app store or the android marketplace, then it may subject to additional terms. Please remember that this pact is between us and you only and there would be no involvement of apple or android app stores in it.

The user agreement is authorized by the BPORIVER's mobile application including all its features such as software, text, graphics, logos, designs, and other associated with the application.

Amendments to This Agreement

If you use any copy of the installed mobile application on your device then this agreement would apply to it after the above mentioned effective date. Please note that BPORIVER may make amendments in the agreement from time to time and post a most recent copy here on this page. After the effective date, the changes would be applied to all the downloaded or installed mobile applications. If you don't agree with any changes then after the effective date of changes, please don't install the mobile application.

Amendments to Product and Service Offerings

For the mobile application services and its content, we may change the pricing anytime and don't refund any money related to mobile applications. You must know that BPORIVER may discontinue offering the mobile application service or modify it anytime. We may also remove the content of the application and the way, method, or procedure how we operate and deliver the application services. Also, we may restrict your access to all or some part of the application and we may make changes in the product or service offerings completely at our discretion without notifying and informing to you.

Intellectual Property Rights

You must agree and acknowledge that BPORIVER has all the intellectual property rights associated with mobile application service. You don't possess any sort of intellectual property rights whatsoever in the mobile application including its all features such as trademarks, logos, and other unique brand features. Please note that we reserve all rights not to grant you use all or any part of the mobile application's content. You must obey all the applicable laws when using the mobile application including its copyright, trademark or others.

Limited Use License

BPORIVER grants you non-exclusive and a limited license for the mobile application service subject to your compliance with our terms and this agreement. For this grant of limited use, there have to be these two conditions that you must install the mobile application only on your owned device and the other is that you must never use the application for the commercial purposes.

Use of the Application

You may receive push notifications or text messages as part of the application. You may manage the push messages on your device. By deleting the mobile application also you may remove the option of receiving push messages. We may gather information regarding your use of push messages. You must agree to inform BPORIVER for any changes to your mobile number, and other information, if you have registered for push messages. You may get access to third parties, software applications and data services through the use of application. BPORIVER is not responsible for the practices of third party and doesn't control them. You must accept that BPORIVER will not be held liable if any loss or damage occurs as a result of using the third party services on the application.


We don't provide warranties for:

  • the function of mobile application services and its content will be steady or without any mistakes;
  • the errors will be corrected;
  • the servers hosting applications and content are free of harmful viruses; or
  • the services available through the application will be available uninterruptedly;

Please note that if you are not satisfied with our application and any of the content or services then you can immediately discontinue using the application.

Limitation of Liability

BPORIVER will not be responsible for any malfunctioning or holdup in their performance due to any reason ahead of their realistic control. These may include including war acts, failure of third party services, rains, flood, earthquake, economic turmoil, power collapse or failure of the internet services. We will not be liable also if you face damages, indirect or incidental, due to the use of the application services.


You must accept to protect, guard and secure BPORIVER and all of its workers, employers and partners from and against any losses, damages, harms, liabilities resulting by the BPORIVER in relation with any of the defamation claim, rights violation, copyright infringement or issues arising out from your own use of the application.


Please note that these stated terms and agreement will continue to be effective until terminated. You always have the options available to terminate this agreement by doing these things. (a) Stop using services of the application and its available content, and (b) deleting the application completely from your device. Remember that we may terminate the agreement at any time at our sole discretion.

Transfer of Service

You must know that according to the US export laws and regulations, you will not export or transfer the application in any forbidden manner. Also, you must represent a warrant that you are not residing in a country or citizen of a country that is subject to the ban or restrictions.


If any of your dispute or claim arising out with regards to the application is not resolved through our customer support department, then you would accept and agree to resolve such claims in association with individual binding arbitration.


This complete agreement constitutes and is authorized between users and us with respect to its subject matter and terms. It supplants any prior agreements, written or oral, though, this agreement will coexist with the terms of BPORIVER. Our failure to implement or put into effect any right in this agreement will never mean that we have given up on such rights.


Please free to contact BPORIVER at:

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact us any time so that we can provide you timely assistance.