FAQS - Author Blog

How do I submit blog articles to BPORIVER.com?

After you sign up on our website, you can login to your author blog page and start submitting your blog articles for admin review.

If I submit you my blog article, what will happen to the copyright?

We will publish approved blog articles in your name & credentials and you remain the owner of your work. You sell your article at the rate of $0.05 per word to BPORIVER.com and all the benefits, less or more, will be the property of BPORIVER.com.

What are the quality guidelines?

All blog articles are subject to admin review. You can view the status of your article on your author blog page:

Pending Approval: Your article is currently awaiting admin review. It will be reviewed by an administrator shortly.

Approved: Your article meets our quality criteria and will be published on BPORIVER.com.

Rejected: Your article does not meet our quality guidelines and hence will not be published on BPORIVER.com.

Revision Required: Your article has some issues that need to be corrected / amended. You should be able to view the accompanying comments to edit your article. Once you have edited it, you can re-submit it for admin re-review.

For what reasons can an article get rejected?

If your gets rejected, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Your article seems promotional
  • Your article seems spammy
  • Your article is not informative / useful / knowledgeable.
  • Your article contains plagiarized or duplicate content.

What topics BPORIVER.com will not accept?

We only accept high-quality articles at BPORIVER and have devised a list of restricted topics that we don’t support and publish.

We don’t support these topics because they are exhausted, overused and considered spam on the Internet. Generally, these topics are associated with affiliate programs, products or services that create an unusual and unrealistic promotion. We don’t accept content that contains texts such as ‘miracle’ consequences or make unconfirmed statements for ‘cure’ or ‘make money with us”.

These topics are sometimes related with endorsements that are associated with the adult content or gambling sites that are not acceptable with our corporate policies. Also, all the authors wishing to contribute at BPORIVER need to make their content compliant with Google Adsense program policies.

Here is the detailed list of forbidden content that we recommend authors to know before they attempt writing on any topic for BPORIVER.

We have made a decision not to accept the following topics for the articles in order to create a genuine value and quality for both the readers and writers.

  1. Weight loss and diet pills
  2. Lyrics without copyright
  3. Inciting hate, favoritism, aggression, bloody, graphic images
  4. Illegitimate activities, such as spying, use of a drug, hacking, cracking, breaching copyright
  5. Activities that could be harmful to health, persuading readers to make a miscarriage, become anorexic
  6. Deals of arms, ammunition, guns, blow guns, stun guns, explosives
  7. Medical products, alternative cures, pharmaceuticals, drugs
  8. Reviews or promotion of dating sites or adult sites
  9. Gambling, lotteries, poker, dating, flirting, x-rated content, porn
  10. Downloading software, movies, music, games
  11. Quick debt reduction, income generation
  12. Cash rewards, loan company ads, mortgage reduction, forex trading
  13. Promotion s of cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, beer, alcohol, tobacco or its related products
  14. Sales of student essays or coursework
  15. Link exchanges, mlm, ppc, network marketing

How does BPORIVER.com pay the author?

Our authors get paid via payoneer and wire transfer.

As the need occurs, we will keep on adding to this list as we have a strong commitment to providing quality articles that produce no harm for every reader. But the exceptions may be made on an individual level for top-quality articles, written by certifiable authors on that particular subject.