Do Not Disclose/Sell My Private Data & Information - California

If you are from California and a user of our website, you have the complete right to communicate us not to reveal or sell your personal data to the third party to trade something of worth. This is stated as the rights to say or inform us “do not sell” my personal data or information.

Refuse/opt-out to “sale” of personal information

In case if you have registered on our website through your email id, or registered for a newsletter to be delivered on it, you can always use the right to opt-out.

Refuse/opt-out to “sale” of personal information through the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA)

The Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) is a CCPA compliance tool designed exactly for the ‘do not sell my personal info’ privileges under the umbrella of 2019’s California Consumer Privacy Act. Generally, this tool will provide an integrated platform to exclude or opt-out of the sale of personal information by DAA participating companies or any others.

It should be kept in mind that although CBS offers the DAA tool as a tool for companies who gather data on services offered by the CBS Services along with and who take part in the DAA platform to obtain and proceed with ‘do not sell” choices, CBS does not regulate the actions of DAA accomplices or possess the capability to authenticate or impose any accomplice’s acquiescence with any of the provided provisions.

Supplementary choices about personal information linked with your specific device

The service providers working on our behalf, third parties who gather data on our website, and the CBS might inevitably obtain some data and information associated with you or the device you are using. This information may be collected by from the device/browser built tracking technologies. This information may include things such as cookies, scripts, etc.

In case if the personal information is not gathered through your email address, thus if you request us to opt-out of for the specific information, you will be required to deactivate the cookies or trackers. Since your opt-out choices are kept in a cookie, if you clear your cookies then we will not be able to identify your device or your choices, therefore you will have to again opt-out.

However, you can always withdraw from such tracking technologies. But if you block the cookies absolutely, then no one will be capable to accept and proceed with your opt-out requests.