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Benefits You Get By Writing Blog Post for BPORIVER

• We pay you for each of your articles published on our website.
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How It Works

We love connecting with aspiring writers, startups, business owners, students, professionals and others who want to share their ideas with our global audiences. Here you need to know how it works in order to get your blog post published successfully.

Content of Blog Post:

• The blog post must be useful to the readers of BPORIVER.
• The blog post must be grammatically correct and well-written.
• The blog post must be original and free of plagiarism.
• The blog post should be in simple language and easy-to-understand.

Structure of Blog Post:

• All blogs need a Meta title – maximum 55 characters and Meta description should be 169 characters maximum.
• The blog post must be of less than 1000 words.
• The post may include links to your website.
• The post may include a brief writer’s bio not exceeding more than 50 words.
• The writer’s bio will be published at the end of a post. (not included in word-count of post).
• You may choose to show / hide author picture with your blog.
• The blog post may include subheadings.

BPORIVER’s Submission Policy:

• The blog should be informative not promotional.
• We reserve the right to not publish and to remove previously published blog posts.
• If we found plagiarized content in your blog post, we reserve the right to remove it anytime.
• The blog post will be sent to the admin after your submission. It will then be reviewed by our staff.
• Your blog post will be published after the approval of our staff. We can’t provide any specific timeline for publishing your blog post.