Terms of Use for BPORIVER

Welcome to the services provided by BPORIVER. The following terms of use conduct the guidelines to your usage of the various products, services, web and mobile applications provided by BPORIVER. Kindly read these terms before accessing our products and services because they involve your rights. If you use our services then it means that you consent to our prescribed terms and admit to the legalities associated with them.


Please review our guidelines for the terms of use regularly as we may revise these terms in the future. The last updated version will be available here and in case of any changes made in future for these terms, we will post the revised terms with the effective date. In case if you continue to use our services after the changes we make in terms then it means you acknowledge all the changes. You always have the option of not using our services in case you don't agree with the changes in these terms.

Additional Terms For Certain Services

For promotions and contents on various services, you may find some additional requirements and rules such as age or location. These additional rules for certain services may apply for additional terms as well. We will post the terms of the services to which they apply and you are liable for fulfilling these rules.

Registration Information

When you register to set up a user account on BPORIVER, you must give us accurate and absolute information. You must update any information when it changes. Also, you may not be able to get access to the age-restricted services unless you are above the required age. You must be completely responsible for the user account logins, passwords and should not permit its usage by anyone including your family members. If something damaging occurs to your accounts such as the unauthorized use or access of the account, changes, loss of password then you must accept all the responsibility. We will not accept any responsibility for any loss in case of the unauthorized use of your account. If you feel that someone is using your account then please inform us immediately.

Use of Content

The logos, designs, graphics, photographs, audio and video materials and other content associated with the services of BPORIVER are safeguarded by the intellectual property and other laws in the U.S. and in other countries. You must abide by all the applicable copyright or trademark laws and must not alter or change the content on BPORIVER. If you are granted access to our content, you are not allowed to transfer the ownership to any portion of the content. BPORIVER reserves all rights to the content associated with services. You are only allowed to access and view the content of BPORIVER for personal, non-commercial uses. You are not supposed to produce your own company, product or service by utilizing any of our content.

Distribution of the Content:

To redistribute the specific content for non-commercial purposes, we may allow or authorize you to do so. We will clearly identify the content that you may redistribute and even explain means through which you can redistribute it. We may cancel this permission at anytime and you must delete the content upon our request if you redistribute such content.

Commercial Licensing:

If you want to get permission to use our content or services for commercial use then please contact us. You need to acquire a license and our written permission for the commercial use of our content or services.

Legal Objections

If you want to register a legal complaint then please go through our procedures for making a legal complaint. If you think that there are issues of copyright or infringements related to our content then kindly contact us by following our process and make a copyright infringement claim.

Content Submission By Users

There are some of the services which may allow users to submit materials such as text, audio, and video etc. When users submit this content to or through our services, they provide a full and irrevocable license to BPORIVER that may be used to edit, distribute, sell, and reproduce user's content. The entire user-generated content may be exploited in every possible manner and in each possible form such as software or technology. By submitting their content for our service, users surrender each and every moral right which they may have for their submissions.

Third-Party Content

The third-party content may be available on our services including advertisements and links to them. It is not necessary that we endorse the content and websites of third-party. We are not responsible for the actions of third parties and the content related to them as well. Before using the services of third parties, please read their privacy policy and TOS.

All Access Content Subscription

If you subscribe to all access subscription content then these further provisions apply:

  • Regarding your subscription to all access content, users can easily access and edit specific details. Users can edit details such as credit card number or other available payment method on BPORIVER
  • The people under the age of 18 may make use of or utilize all access content but requiring the participation of parent. Please recognize that if you utilize all access, you may see some disagreeable or offensive content. So, in that case, it is your prime responsibility to determine the suitability or appropriateness of the content available in all access content.
  • By providing payment method information for your all access subscription, you are agreeing to pay a monthly subscription fee along with any applicable taxes and service fee; in regards to your usage of all access content. For the all access subscription, when you provide your payment method information, it means you are opting for the all access monthly subscription.
  • If you cancel all access content subscription in the middle of the month then you will not receive any part of fee for the remaining period. We clearly mention here that all the fees are non-refundable associated with all access content.
  • By logging into your account or by contacting us, you can cancel the all access content subscription anytime. The effect of cancellation for the subscription will take place at the end of that month. Please remember that you will not receive any fees or refund paid. You must accept and agree that the cancellation of the subscription is totally at your discretion in case you are dissatisfied with the all access content and its features.
  • Due to insufficient funds or any other condition, if you fail to pay the due fees, you will remain accountable until it's paid. You will also be liable for any costs that incur during the collection of any due amounts regarding with all access.
  • A limited-time free trial period to new users or subscribers may be provided by BPORIVER. We may give or offer these free trial periods solely at our discretion. But it is not obligatory for us to provide free trial offerings. These trial periods may not be offered at all times and we reserve the right to start or finish the free trial period solely at our discretion.
  • We have the complete right to change or update all access content available and its features at any time. As part of all access, BPORIVER may send you specific emails regarding the all access content from time to time. Please note that you consent to BPORIVER for sending you emails to your provided email address.

Wireless Devices

here are some special terms that affect specific services intended for wireless devices. To any other computer or another wireless device, you may not shift or duplicate any content from the wireless device on which you initially received content. To cancel a feature that involves a subscription fee, you must follow the terms and conditions related to that mobile feature. You must pursue the instructions included in the terms and services related to mobile features in case if you want to cancel a feature that includes a subscription fee. In the middle of the month, if you cancel the subscription-based mobile feature, you will not receive any refund.

Things Not To Do

You must agree not to do the following things:

  • Use any link to the services that we request you to delete at our sole discretion;
  • Exhibit the services or content in correlation with an illicit logo or trademark;
  • Fallaciously propose a relationship between the BPORIVER and any third party;
  • Stalk or harass other people or employ in prohibited activities;
  • Promote behavior that would represent a criminal offense or give ascend to civil liability;
  • Transfer any material that is unsuitable, irreverent, offensive, unpleasant, and racist;
  • Spread files that contain viruses or adware;
  • Publicize services or content without the consent of our BPORIVER;
  • Eliminate, amend, hinder, or impair any promotional ad linked to our services;
  • Edit any software related to the content or used to offer the services;
  • Involve in illicit data mining or collecting of our content, or use it in any illegal means;
  • Try to access in any part of the service, content or website that is not allowed for you to access;

Voluntary Submission

We do not have the policy to accept unsolicited submission in any form or medium whatsoever by the users. Whether its concepts, ideas, articles, or suggestions, we don't accept it in any condition. If someone finds similarity between the artwork of BPORIVER and solicited submission by the users, it would be completely coincidental. We have a clear policy regarding the unsolicited content submitted by users which is to delete such content immediately.


If any damages, problems, liabilities, expenses or compulsions related to third-party occur because of your use or misuse of the services, then you will protect, cover, and indemnify BPORIVER and its employees and workers. BPORIVER keeps the exclusive right to defend and manage any such claims subject to indemnification. You must agree to collaborate with us to defend such claims.

Additional Fee-Based Services

You must agree and accept the further provisions administering the purchases by you if you give your consent to receive fee-based services other than all access. These provisions may also include applicable taxes and fees.

Right Of Using Accounts and Services

Without providing you prior notice, we may consider taking the following actions against you completely at our discretion:

  • Limit, defer or finish your ability to access any of our services;
  • Amend the policies and actions how we provide and operate our services;
  • Modify or suspend the services;
  • Remove all the data, information and files in your accounts, or disable your services;
  • Delete any specific content from the services;

Please note that if you violate the terms then we may go beyond the above-mentioned actions. To you or any third-party, we are not accountable and responsible for taking these measures to safeguard our services.


The BPORIVER does not warrant and provide guarantees for:

  • The services, its features, content or website will be free of inaccuracy or errors;
  • If servers hosting our services or website contain damaging codes or viruses;
  • The information available about the services will be uninterrupted or continuously available;
  • The use of the services by you and any risks, damages or liabilities occur because of your use;

In case you are dissatisfied with our services then you have a clear option to discontinue the services anytime.

The BPORIVER will not be answerable, responsible or liable for any sort of delay, problems or malfunctioning in the performance and delivering the services. It may include natural disasters such as flood, rain, earthquake and international issues such as wars, political unrest and more. We are not responsible if there is a failure of power, poor functioning of the computer equipment or the non-availability of the internet. If you face any direct, indirect, or consequential damage related to the services, then BPORIVER will not be liable in any sense.

Prevailing Law and Jurisdiction

In the state of PAKISTAN, except PAKISTAN's rules of conflict law, all the issues, claims and terms related to the use of our services, will be governed. You agree to jurisdiction in the courts in PAKISTAN regarding any issues, disputes or claims not subjecting to arbitration. You need to file claims regarding these terms or use of the services within one year after such claim or action occurred, regardless of any law or regulation to the contrary, or else, you will surrender the claim or action.


In case if you and we have disputes, claims, or issues regarding these terms or the use of the services, against each other, and we are not able to solve them through our customer service department, then we must agree to mutually solve such claims through an individual binding arbitration.


  • You must provide us your correct and reachable email address for the services you have registered for. If you do not update your correct address then we will not be responsible for the failure of not notifying you about the significant news, events, or changes regarding the services;
  • The content in these terms, including additional provisions, conditions, and policies on the services, represent the complete pact between us and users and supplant all previous agreements;
  • In order to comply with applicable and relevant laws or other law-related activities, you must give us authority to present information regarding your activities;
  • If somehow we fail to put into effect or implement any provision in these terms then it would never mean a 'waiver' of such provision for a particular service;
  • Please follow the contact instructions if you desire to delete your account from a service.

If you do not agree, acknowledge or give consent to these terms then you should stop using the services as soon as possible.