Computer Software

As computer languages and data science continue to rule the technology-obsessed world of today, we give you just what you need to keep up with today’s ever-changing times: computer software. There are 3 main types of computer software; i.e. system software, application software and programming software.

While the latter most may be restricted to usage by computer science geeks or those hoping to enter the fields of data mining, System software and Application software are used by most around the globe, regardless of educational backgrounds. In fact, you might have used such software yourself – without knowing you were using one. For instance, you are reading this text on a web browser; i.e. application software. If you are reading it using Android; that’s a system software for you! 

Considering the vast usability of software, Bporiver has gone a notch further to streamline some of the best and most needed computer software for you. Our range of computer software include:

  • Moviemakers
  • Data Encryption on various storage types
  • File Manager 
  • Cloud Mounter
  • Data Recovery, etc. 


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