Automatic Email Processor

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Are you in the corporate world, and are simply done with email inboxes full to the brim? Do you find it a mighty hassle to navigate through the abundance of emails each day, only to arrive at those important for you and your enterprise’s needs? Then you are not alone. While technology prospers and emails take over all forms of formal communication (even memos!), we often find it difficult to separate the useful from the rather less useful lot of emails we get each day. Fortunately, it is technology again that comes to our assistance, in the form of the Automatic Email Processor. An Automatic Email Processor monitors your inbox and filters emails according to your preference, so you don’t have to put in hours to do the same. 

The processor keeps track of important emails by leading them to designated folders, filters incoming messages (e.g. taking away the spam, no-reply, and subscription emails), saves message contents and attachments and directs them to the printer, designs autoreplies (custom built by you, and automated by the processor). To ease your corporate life – an automatic email processor is the way to go!

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