Secure and privatize your network with the best intranet software

You’ve heard about Internet but Intranet is an entirely different concept that refers to private or restricted networks used by organizations to only allow its employees to access their data and resources. 

With the help of intranet, you can create a private network where employees are only authorized to log into the system either via password or using company’s Wi-Fi connection. 

Huge amounts of database, and files can be stored on intranet instead of using third party cloud applications. The software also enables communication between employees, making it easier to collaborate and work on similar tasks.

Other benefits include:

  • Information and data is available on Intranet 24/7
  • Opens doors to knowledge sharing between workers
  • Reduces the hassle of scheduling meetings since intranet comes with built in chat features.
  • Increases recognition of the workplace
  • All-in-all, intranet software can greatly change the company’s environment in a positive way and promotes a lively work culture.


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