Michelle  Brandt

Michelle Brandt

Michelle has been a Marketing Communications Content Developer since 2013. She had been In charge of event coverage for Brand Arena for 2 years. She started Writing about Places and Nature in 2015. She has also studied Journalism and Communications at the University of Manchester. Then she took online courses on Udemy on Professional Blogging and Social Media Marketing


Studying Journalism and Communication was a conscious step Michelle made when she realised she was panning towards relaying her thoughts clearly at any given time. So, she developed interest in writing for the eyes and the ears, and most importantly the mind. Marketing Communication took care of her internship days, while she found pleasure in blogging about Technology and because she had visited my places through books and little travels, she added writing about places and nature to a line of what she should be serious about. During her final year in school, she became the editor of the department annual magazine, where she contributed more of her Art works, while she competently played her role as the editor.


Michelle has a B.A. in Journalism and Communication at the University of Manchester and took some online courses on Professional Blogging and Social Media Marketing (Content) on Udemy.

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