The influx of 5g Network: Prospects

Looking at the genealogy of internet service provision, which grew majorly from the GPRS network to EDGE, then to the first advancement attributed to high-speed internet by most ISPs, the 3G network which increased to 3.5G and 3.75G (HSPA and HSDPA) became the first set of network protocol to introduce the need for speed in the internet provision ecosystem.

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As evolution would have it, the Long Term Evolution (LTE) or the almighty 4GLTE network came in to break the decorum of an average internet speed the world has been enjoying in the days of 3G. Today, we are becoming tired of the 21Mbps transferred by the 4GLTE, which is considered as the average of speed delivered by this network protocol, and we have begun to yarn for more, hence; the 5G network.

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What are the prospects of the 5G Network when it arrives fully in 2020?

Majorly, the firth generation of mobile connections, or the 5G technology has a very high role to play in the future of the world in its entirety. By the time it arrives in 2020, it would majorly be coming with a perpetual role in Internet of Things (IoT), likewise in the growth and development of smart cities.

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Redefining Speed

As against the usual or an average of 21Mbps provided by the 4G LTE, it is more clear sto say the allusion to the ‘speed of lightening’ would come alive with the incoming of the 5G network. Presently, we are able to enjoy uncut music and video streaming and highly prompt web surfing, which all seem to be the height of things. Unfortunately, that era is gradually growing into extinction as the 5G connection speed would be entering with over 10Gbps, which means, we are talking of an increase in speed of 100 to 1000 times faster than what we have now. In clearer terms, it means we would be able to download for example heavy HD movie in 10 seconds or less.

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This speed quality also comes with an ability to decrease latency and increase the speed of information transfer. This is to say that there would be a huge capability for transfer of data of 10 Tbps with a density of 1 million nodes per Km². This would then be the result of a connection latency shrink from 50 miliseconds to just 1 milisecond.

The 5G network is definitely not coming to favour only the smartphones, as it would go far beyond PCs and phones. One of the things that would benefit from this latency decrease, is the 360° virtual reality, which will lead to generating real virtual environments.

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The Internet of Things and Smart Cities

The IoT preaches “everything connected”, which makes it to be at the mercy of an intensively high speed internet connection like what the 5G network promises. In a way, the 5G connection would be confluence for millions of devices to be simultaneously connected, even in highly populated areas. It has the ability to transcend the present smartphone world and bring us into a realm of smart cities.

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This will work in such a way that we get to connect our smartphones to majorly everything, from the alarm clock to the heating system to the coffee maker to the garage, even up to horticultural drones that monitor our plants and flowers in the garden. Likewise, there would be more efficiency and safety in the Car2car connections with the 5G technology.

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Medical and Healthcare Technology

Apart from the latency benefits mentioned above, all data-based voice calls or video calls would highly benefit the most because they would no longer experience delay in time or connection failure. And this is one major function in wireless healthcare or the remote surgical procedures, it would so much enhance the practices of these advancements in healthcare around the world.

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While we wait for the full commercial launch of the 5G network, it’s reported that in preparation of beautiful days for technology, Qualcomm has developed the first 5G modem, which is specially created to support this network while also paving ways for the new generation of smartphones. Likewise, the European Union expects a complete 5G coverage by 2025.

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