How Virtual and Augmented Reality Can Aid Smart Learning

Smart learning involves making good use of advanced technologies to enhance and enable an easy, enjoyable learning experience. In this digital era, virtual and augmented reality has a great role to play in aiding smart learning. Even modern learners are beginning to appreciate this role.

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Breaking the Terms

Now, what exactly do we mean by virtual and augmented reality?Virtual reality involves the recreation of an experience through the use of software and specialised devices (VR Gears and 360 Gears). Augmented reality, on the other hand, involves the combination of digital information with their own environment. So what is the difference between virtual and augmented reality within the learning space? Virtual recreates, while augmented simply makes use of the existing surroundings.

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So how can virtual and augmented reality aid smart learning?

A More Exciting and Engaging Learning Process

This is a major benefit of virtual and augmented reality. There is an assurance that learners get, as they see that they can actually implement what they have been taught without any form of repercussion. Virtual and augmented helps learners to gain deep understanding of what they are being taught as they are easily stirred to ask questions. They eventually become active participants in the learning experience as they are easily captured by what they see. What virtual and augmented reality has to offer is freedom from the conventional, boring learning methodto a more exciting and engaging learning experience that encourages learners’ participation and sustain their interest in learning.

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Creating Challenging or Seemingly Impossible Scenarios

With virtual and augmented reality, certain scenarios can now be created, which would have beenchallenging or seemingly impossible in the real world. For instance, instead of taking the group of learners to different work sites to experience how things are done, technology now allows the learners to experience this in a single environment. Aside from saving cost, stress, energy and time, it increases safety and allows learners to have a more practical-learning experiences.

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Easy Self-Guided Exploration

Since virtual and augmented reality allows one to create an environment that is safe and gives room for different experiments that might have been too expensive or risky, it is easier for learners to easily learn from mistakes, correct the mistakes and try out experiments again until the desired result is achieved. This way, a lot of real life errors will be avoided and this will pave way for more efficiency in different fields.

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The Future of Smart Learning

The future of smart learning is bright, especially with the use of virtual and augmented reality.There is the promise of an exciting and engaging learning experience, and more practical-learning experiences that save cost, time, stress and energy.

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It is clear that virtual and augmented reality is here to stay and will be highly productive in the learning environment.Learners will become more involved in the learning process and this will ensure more successful learning. Therefore, virtual and augmented reality should become a crucial component of every learning environment as it can aid smart learning to a great extent.

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