Delivery Drones Are Here to Change Goods Delivery Scape

The desire for delivered goods is increasing on a daily, and there is the need to incorporate emerging and effective technology to meet up with the demands for delivered goods. Incorporating drone technology into the delivery system is a good step into the future for any delivery company. This is because delivery drones can evolve the goods delivery scape to a great extent.

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Any Headway?

Making headway in this aspect is Amazon with the introduction of its Prime Air, a “future delivery system… designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less” using drone delivery. Last year, in March, Amazon had its first public showcase of delivery drones, sending sunscreen to the attendees at an Amazon-hosted conference in California. Based on rumours, Amazon has a facility near Paris, where work is being done on ensuring that delivery drones don’t collide with trees, buildings, bridges, birds and other drones. Aside Amazon, companies such as Google, UPS and DHL are exploring the possibilities of delivery drones.

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Likewise, Flytrex, a drone delivery logistics company, has been able to successfully carry out this incorporation as it has offered drone delivery service in partnership with the Ukrainian postal service. The company delivered goods up to 1kg (2.2 pounds) over 23km (14.3 miles). According to Yariv Bash, the co-founder and CEO of Flytrex, more than 25 million parcels are transported around the world on a daily basis, and majority of these parcels weigh less than 2 pounds. This means that the parcels are ideal for drone delivery.

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The Edge over Truck Delivery 

A major advantage of using drones is its convenience, especially when delivery is made within a local community. It is easy to just take the drone out of the box, charge and connect it to the accompanying app, and use it. It is not just convenient, but it also erases the need for a middleman for a number of companies who rely on certain delivery agencies.

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Bash also identified the crucial role of drones within the goods delivery scape. He asserts that drones are essentially “a key component of the supply chain from warehouse to the customer.” The delivery process becomes more automated.

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When compared with delivery truck, it is without doubt to say that delivery drones are far more cost effective as they cost less than a delivery truck. They don’t need fuel to operate since they run on batteries, and maintenance is also cheaper.

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Other added advantages include low carbon footprint, reduction of road congestion (especially in crowded environments) and air pollution, which are all side effects of using delivery trucks. According to Joshuah Stolaroff, an environmental scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, “drones can make a significant impact on the emissions, especially now that transport is the biggest polluting sector out there.”

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Drone Delivery is the Way Forward

Major regulations on drones have been established by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Based on the existing regulations, drones are not allowed to be flown in the night, or higher than 400 feet during the day. Also, drones must not weigh more than 55 pounds and should constantly remain in the sight of the human operator, prohibiting long-distance drone usage.As a result of the existing rules, it is obvious that delivery drones cannot completely replace delivery trucks, but can only complement them.

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We cannot deny the fact that drones will change customer experience in the goods delivery scape. Goods will be effectively and speedily delivered to the delight of the customers, and if the customers are happy, the delivery business will likely thrive. There are a lot of potential in drone delivery that companies need to start exploring.

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