Foldable Screens: A Disruptive Innovation in Mobile Phones Tech

Have you ever wondered what your smartphone would be like in 2020 or 2030? 

Recently, a number of disruptive innovations are being made to help users have a more exciting and enhanced experience while using their mobile phones. Every year, it seems there is something new to add to existing phones to create more unique models. Making waves currently is the talk about the creation of a new kind of screen with enhanced displays.

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Have you heard of foldable screens? Do you know that this is currently a disruptive innovation in the mobile phones tech? In fact, it is said that a number of mobile phone giants are secretly working on making this kind of screens.  In case you haven’t heard about foldable screens, let us journey together into the world innovation together. Foldable screen is an innovative and emerging mobile technology that would allow tiny devices to display data on easily stowed screens. This means that we can easily have big displays using our small mobile devices.

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Exceeding the Limit

The world is growing at a fast pace, especially technologically. In the mobile phone industry, a number of transformations is ongoing with innovative technologies such as bendable phones and foldable screens.

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The flexibility of phones has been a major concern for a while. Also, a major limitation of most devices currently is the size of the screen.Therefore, the introduction and development of foldable screens would break through this limitation, and offer more possibilities to users of mobile phones.This mobile technology would bridge the gap between phone and laptop, and may be eradicate the need or use of laptop LCD.

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The Advantage Point

Using a phone with foldable screen comes with flexibility of usage. You can hold your phone like every other normal looking phone as you walk around town, and when you are on a bus or at home, you can use a bigger display for streaming on Netflix, YouTube, or watching whatsoever you want. You can also go as far as opening up your phone like a book.Isn’t that just supercool?

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Aside the flexibility of usage, there is the portability of wider screen. Imagine what it would feel like if you are able to pocket your laptop as you move around? What one would get with such phone is a new personal and versatile mobile phone experience that is captivating.

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The idea of foldable screens comes out of the possibility of enhancing phone displays. This enhancement is one that we find really exciting. There are multiple options of use, from concave to convex, to canopy-like use and the usual laptop set up.

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Small Phones, Big Displays

When it comes to futuristic displays, Samsung is usually pioneering. So it is not surprising that rumours have it that Samsung would be launching a phone with a foldable screen in 2019 (the Galaxy X). In fact, last year, Samsung Display, the company’s displaying-making affiliate, showed off bendable OLED displays as prototypes.

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Aside from Samsung, other mobile phone giants such as Microsoft (Andromeda), LG, Lenovo, and, based on rumours, Apple, have been making attempts at creating gadgets with foldable screens. It is strongly believed that these gadgets should be available in the market very soon

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