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introduction to marketing

Marketing is a crucial function in all businesses and organizations, and is becoming increasingly crucial to success in our modern global economy.

market segmentation analysis

Conducting market segmentation analysis and committing to a long-term market segmentation strategy is a complex and challenging journey for any organisation.

marketing analytics competitive analysis and market segmentation

In this marketing course, you will learn about competitive analysis and market segmentation, including how to analyze and structure industries and markets to transform your marketing efforts from vague, generic attempts to laser-guided precision.

marketing analytics marketing measurement strategy

Begin your journey in a new career in marketing analytics. Learn about powerful strategies and methodology, starting with identifying market trends and metrics used to measure marketing success.

marketing management

According to world-renowned management consultant, Peter Drucker, "Marketing is the only distinguishing and unique function of business…There is only one valid definition of business purpose and that is to create a customer.”