JenLyn  Fitz

JenLyn Fitz

She has been a travel journalist since 2015. Her articles have been featured on Travel Thru History website and World Footprints website. She is a travel review writer for Travellogue and 43km.


JenLyn has been writing travel articles since she left the corporate world to become a writer in 2015. Her work is shown on numerous websites, and while she has traveled quite a bit, she also writes about places that she has never been to. Her extension research allows her to do this easily, although it is making her travel bucket list grow extensively! JenLyn Fitz works tirelessly on each article that she writes, and while she specializes in travel, there are many other topics that she will tackle as well. Therefore, do not be surprised if you see her name attached to articles about construction, fitness, parenting, and more.


JenLyn’s education has been traveling the world, alone and with her family. She is constantly amazed at how much a person can learn by simply opening their eyes and ears. JenLyn Fitz says: “I love bringing foreign, and even local, places to life for my readers! Sharing the best things to do, places to stay, and even fabulous destinations to visit allows everyone to make an informed decision of where they should go to get away from the stress of their everyday life. I had been dreaming of writing since I graduated high school, and a surgery that removed me from my job for months finally allowed me to take the giant leap to make all my dreams come true.”

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