Explore the City of Los Angeles


Guide Outline

  1. Best Places to Stay in Los Angeles
  2. Places to Dine in Los Angeles
  3. Things to Do in Los Angeles
  4. Unusual Things to Do in Los Angeles
  5. Do’s and Don’ts in Los Angeles

The city streets of Los Angeles may be filled with people, as everyone rushes to where they are going, but visitors will find themselves capable of relaxing amongst all the hustle and bustle.  As travelers explore this fascinating city, they will discover historical sights, spot celebrities, and have the opportunity to spend time on a few of the most popular beaches within the state of California. 

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Best Places to Stay in Los Angeles

There are plenty of hotels smack in the middle of Los Angeles, but many visitors want to spend their time in the ones that the celebrities can be seen at.  While there are never any guarantees of a celebrity sighting, these are a few of the favorite hotels within the city. 

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Magic Castle Hotel

This amazing hotel can be found within close proximity of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood and Highland Center, the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and much more.  The larger rooms are perfect for those staying for a few days, a week, or even a month and the suites all have full kitchens and dining areas.  The customer service at the Magic Castle Hotel is extraordinary and guests will have their every need met twenty-four hours a day.  Breakfast is complimentary, as are snacks all day long and the Wi-Fi.  Guests will also feel as if they are famous, because their beds will be turned down every evening and the newspaper will be delivered to them each morning. 

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Shore Hotel

The Shore Hotel has amazing views of the ocean and it also has earned the designation of being Santa Monica’s first Gold LEED certified property.  There are one hundred and sixty-four rooms for guests to stay in and each once has a beachy feel that is complete with Teak furniture.  Guests who stay at this hotel will find themselves only steps away from the 3rd Street Promenade, the Santa Monica Pier, and numerous shopping areas. 

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Loews Hollywood Hotel

The Loews Hollywood Hotel is smack dab in the middle of all the Hollywood action in Los Angeles.  Guests arrive daily, whether they are in the area for business or for pleasure, and none of them ever want to leave.  There are more than six hundred guest rooms and suites and most of them have views of some of the most iconic landmarks of the city.  In fact, this hotel will have guests walking to many of the major movie studios, as well as the Hills, the Hollywood sign, and the Hollywood and Highland Center that is right next door. 

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The Hollywood Roosevelt

There are two different types of guest rooms at The Hollywood Roosevelt, which means that guests can choose to stay in a room similar towhere Clark Gable lived in the Tower or a room similar to where Marilyn Monroe lived in the Cabanas.  This hotel has recently undergone a massive millions of dollars renovation, making it better for the twenty-first century and the future.  Most guests will find themselves at the David Hockney pool before venturing over to the Tropicana Pool Café for a bite to eat and something to drink during their stay. 

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Places to Dine in Los Angeles

Delicious cuisine is everywhere in the city of Los Angeles and while some restaurants come and go, there are some that have been around for what seems like forever.  Here are a few favorite dining establishments that everyone needs to visit when they are in the city.

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Spago of Beverly Hills

Spago has been a mainstay in Beverly Hills for more than forty years now, yet it always seems fresh and new since the menu changes frequently.  The good news is that if a person had a dish years ago and loved it, they can always ask the chef to make it for them today.  A longtime favorite is the handmade agnolotti, which is always better when served with truffles. 

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It is all about the handmade pastas at Rossoblu and diners eat every last bite of their meals inside the Danish filled interior of this restaurant.  Those who arrive early may find themselves out on the patio, which is surprisingly void of the city’s sounds, but no one complains if they need to sit at a table inside.  Favorite dishes include Nonna’s tagliatelle Bolognese, valbruna’s eggplant, and the tortellini enbrodo. 

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Plant based cooking and eating is everywhere in Los Angeles nowadays and Destroyer is one of the best places to experience this new trend.  This little café is filled with people working on their latest project, but no one will mind, as they will be too focused on their food to notice anything else. 

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Home State

Days must begin at Home State, which is a taco stand that sells tacos for every meal.  Visitors should start their day with the Trinity, which is a taco filled with eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese.  Each tortilla is handmade, and they seem to melt in a person’s hand before they can finish every last piece. 

Petit Trois

The menu at this restaurant is filled with classic French cuisine that include mussels marinières, steak frites, and chicken legs.  The food may be simple, but the lines of people waiting to get inside allow visitors to know that it is more than amazing.  Everyone will want to start with the French onion soup, before it is gone for the day, as it is simply just that good. 

Things to Do in Los Angeles

There is no shortage of activities in Los Angeles, which means that travelers can do anything from lounging on the beach to driving through the city streets to shopping till their heart’s content.  Here are some of the best things to do in Los Angeles.

Visit Venice Beach

This beach has long been a favorite of those who live in and visit Los Angeles and while it is usually crowded, it hasn’t lost its eccentric vibes just yet.  The boardwalk is perfect for people watching, while the sand is wonderful for those trying to catch some rest along with a nap.  Nearby is Small World Books, which is a must-visit for book lovers of all kinds. 

Stroll Along the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Celebrities are everywhere in Los Angeles, but they are closer than people think at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  There are almost two thousand five hundred stars to see on this stretch and while it is fascinating to see during any day, the best time to be there is when someone is having their star placed among all the others. 

Go Shopping on Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is the most popular shopping district in Los Angeles, but not many people can afford to purchase anything inside any of those shops.  However, that should never stop travelers from window shopping and pretending that they can purchase whatever they wish. 

Take a Walking Tour in Downtown Los Angeles

There are numerous walking tours in the downtown Los Angeles area and visitors are encouraged to take them to see the gorgeous architecture and the most popular sights.  Every tour is quite popular, so space must be reserved well in advance of a person’s visit. 

See the Museums on the Miracle Mile

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA as it is more commonly referred to by the locals, can be found within multiple buildings on twenty acres of land.  While all those museums are must-see, so are the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Visit the Nightclubs

There are plenty of nightclubs in Los Angeles and visitors will find themselves going to a new one each night during their stay.  Avalon is a popular option amongst those who love techno music, while The Smell is all about the Rave experience. 

Visit the Santa Monica Pier and Beach

The Santa Monica Beach and Pier is one of the must-see destinations within the city and that hasn’t changed in many years.  There are three miles of shoreline, which are considered the best beach miles in the entire area.  This is where the television show, Baywatch, was filmed, so many people will venture there to relive those scenes.  The 3rd Street Promenade is nearby, and it is the perfect place to do a little people watching before going up in the Ferris wheel to see panoramic views of the surrounding area. 

Visit Sunset Boulevard

It was all about class and glam on Sunset Boulevard back in the good ole’ days, which is why so many films were set in that area.  This area is still appealing, especially at night when people are going out on the town.  This is one of the best places to experience the sun setting in the sky, but visitors will want to plan their trip accordingly, as it can get quite busy there once rush hour hits. 

Visit Marilyn Monroe’s Grave

Marilyn Monroe wanted to be buried in a private spot, where she could rest in peace for eternity, but that hasn’t happened for this iconic beauty.  Instead, her grave at Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery is a popular destination for those who want to pay tribute to this famous actress.  Her burial at this cemetery also attracted other celebrities and her grave is now joined by those of Dean Martin, Hugh Hefner, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Lemmon, and many others. 

Unusual Things to Do in Los Angeles

No one should be surprised that there are unusual things to do in this fascinating city, basically because it has always been unique to begin with.  Here are a few of the best unusual things to do during a visit to Los Angeles. 

Visit the Binoculars Building

This is one of the weirder buildings that was designed by Frank Gehry and it looks like a massive pair of binoculars.  Google now uses this building for offices, which is not too unusual since it prefers whimsical spaces to promote creativity. 

Stop into the Skeletons in the Closet

Unbeknownst to many, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has a gift shop tucked away up on the second floor.  Visitors can pick up all sorts of traditional souvenirs that include clothes, hats, mugs, and beach towels.  However, they can also grab a few unusual items like toe tags and beach towels that have chalk body outlines on them. 

Visit Galco’s Soda Pop Store

This soda pop store offers five hundred different types of soda pop, which is excellent news to those who can no longer find their favorite brand or flavor anywhere else.  The best part is that once a person realizes what they can find in this store, they can place orders to have delivered back home and keep it coming if they wish. 

Visit the Sunken City

During 1929, a landslide occurred in San Pedro and an entire neighborhood tumbled into the water of the ocean.  Today, that area is called the Sunken City and visitors can see the broken foundations of houses, as well as buckled sidewalks and abandoned streetcar tracks.  This is a popular hiking spot, so many people will want to put on their hiking boots and plan to spend quite a bit of time there. 

Visit the Old Zoo Picnic Area

Not many people have the opportunity to go behind the bars in a zoo, but at this old zoo, everyone can experience life behind those bars.  This was the site of the very first zoo in Los Angeles and it opened back in 1912.  This zoo was abandoned in 1966 when the new zoo opened in the city.  While it sat empty for years, now there are picnic tables inside the cave enclosures, so that everyone can enjoy a picnic lunch during their visit.  Everyone who visits should walk along the trail from the caves to see the lion’s dens and other abandoned cages. 

Do’s and Don’ts in Los Angeles

  • DO eat from a gourmet food truck when visiting this city
  • DON’T try to see everything in one trip
  • DON’T get starstruck when you see the celebrities
  • DO take a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway
  • DO get used to the tipping process within the city
  • DON’T walk along the Venice Beach Boardwalk on the weekends – it’s too crowded

Los Angeles is such a fascinating city, and no one really knows what to expect there prior to their arrival.  Once a person begins to explore the city streets, they will quickly realize that whatever they thought this city was like, it is really something much bigger than they ever dreamed possible.  It is that largeness and beauty that makes Los Angeles the city that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime.