Have Fun While Exploring the City of Boston


Guide Outline

  1. Where to Stay in Boston
  2. Where to Dine in Boston
  3. Things to Do in Boston
  4. Unusual Things to Do in Boston
  5. Do’s and Don’ts in Boston

History is everywhere in Boston, but this city has much more to offer to those who take the time to visit.  Cultural events are practically everywhere a person turns, as is sporting events and culinary delights.  Some people choose to visit this spectacular city for a day, while others will find themselves extending their stay by days or weeks, because they simply cannot get enough. 

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Where to Stay in Boston

There are plenty of hotels for travelers to choose from in Boston, but some of them are more affordable than others, while others simply have better views.  Here are our top picks when it comes to hotels in this city.

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The Verb Hotel

This extraordinary hotel has long been part of the Fenway area and visitors will feel right at home in any of the ninety-three rooms.  Every guest room has a music inspired theme and guests will find themselves in the outdoor pool during the summer months.  This hotel is next to Fenway Park and it is the perfect option for those guests who love music, the Red Sox, and relaxation.  The best part about this hotel is that it is near at least forty different restaurants, as well as numerous downtown Boston attractions. 

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The Godfrey Hotel Boston

This boutique hotel has a Gothic Revival façade from 1908, making guests feel as if they have stepped back in time before they even walk through the front doors.  Inside, the lobby emits a friendly vibe and the experience only gets better when guests reach their rooms.  The Godfrey Hotel Boston is the perfect option for those in the city for business or pleasure and it is conveniently located near the Boston Opera House and Boston Common.  Of course, there are also plenty of shops and restaurants nearby, so no guest will need to worry about not having everything that they need during their stay. 

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The Westin Copley Place, Boston

The Westin Copley Place in Boston is a Marriott Bonvoy hotel and it can be found right in the heart of the Back Bay neighborhood.  Numerous popular attractions are not too far away, and while they are easily reached via public transportation, a person can also walk to many of them.  There are numerous guest rooms available, so travelers will find that they can stay in the one that meets their needs the most. 

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Where to Dine in Boston

There are numerous restaurants located on the streets of Boston and while some of them are chain restaurants, there are quite a few that are local to the area.  It is those restaurants that visitors will want to focus on during their stay, because who knows when they will have the opportunity to dine there again. 

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Regina Pizzeria

Not everyone is a fan of pizza while on vacation, but every traveler must make an exception for Regina Pizzeria!  This pizzeria has been a Boston tradition since 1926 and the Boston Red Sox has even named it their team pizza.  They have numerous locations around the city, but everyone must eat in the original location in the North End at least once.  Each pizza is served with a crust that is made from a centuries-old recipe, as well as a tangy sauce and whole-milk mozzarella that has been aged to perfection.  Diners can even order their crust the way that they like it, whether it is lighter than light or well done to the point of almost burnt to a crisp. 

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Legal Sea Foods

It is all about the seafood in Boston when it comes to mealtime, which is why visitors need to dine at one of the best seafood friendly restaurants in the city.  Legal Sea Foods has been in business since the 1960s and they know what it takes to serve delicious seafood on a daily basis.  Everyone will want to have a bowl of the New England clam chowder to start, as it is made with only nine ingredients and tastes fantastic.  Other wonderful menu options include the lobster bisque, Legal’s signature crab cakes, the fisherman’s platter, and the seafood casserole.  No one should leave without having a little dessert, including Boston cream pie, warm chocolate pudding cake, or the bananas foster. 

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Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks is the baby of Tiffani Faison and it is a casual dining destination that allows guests to talk loudly and enjoy themselves while dining on southern style foods.  Everyone needs to start with one of the drinks that is brought to them in a mason jar and then they can begin to peruse the menu and see what looks good to them.  The good news will be that everything looks and smells amazing and the bad news is that no one is ever hungry enough to eat everything listed on the menu!  Some of the favorite meats include pulled chicken, pork ribs, brisket, and BBQ chopped brisket.  When it comes to the sides, no one can go wrong with the heirloom BBQ beans, coleslaw, fried green tomatoes, and the biscuits with honey butter. 

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Mike’s Pastry

Everyone will want to be prepared to stand in line for one of the treats at Mike’s Pastry, as the lines have not gone down a bit since it opened back in 1946.  They sell pies, cakes, cookies, pastries, and their infamous cannoli filled with every flavoring imaginable.  It is recommended that travelers grab a few extras when they are there, or they will find themselves standing in that line once again to purchase more before they leave to return home. 

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The television show Cheers was created after a visit to the original Cheers restaurant, which was originally called the Bull & Finch Pub, in Boston. While there are now two Cheers restaurants in Boston, the original on Beacon Hill and a second one in Faneuil Hall, everyone will want to go to the original for a drink if they can.  Everyone can grab one of Sam’s Starters before ordering Woody’s Garden Greens or the Cheers Pub Burgers.  Norm’s sandwiches are a hit too, as are Diane’s entrees. 

Things to Do in Boston

There are so many different things to do in Boston and while no one can possibly do them all in one visit, most people can cross quite a few things off their list in just a few days. 

Spend Some Time in Boston Common

Boston Common is a massive park that was a cow pasture back in the 1600s before being turned into a British Camp and then a park.  This is considered the oldest park in the country and many activities and events take place there every year.  The Tadpole Playground and Frog Pond is popular amongst kids, but most people will simply spend their time there relaxing on a blanket while enjoying a picnic lunch. 

Walk the Freedom Trail

Walking the Freedom Trail is the easiest way for many visitors to see the most that Boston has to offer in the shortest amount of time.  This trail is two and a half miles long and it takes people past sixteen of the most historic sites within the entire city.  While everyone can do this journey on their own, there are numerous walking tours available as well.  Those tours are often led by tour guides dressed in 18th century costume, which adds a little more flair to the entire trail experience.  Everyone should start this trail at Boston Common, but a person can pick it up in the middle or anywhere else if they wish. 

Visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace is comprised of four different buildings, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market, and South Market.  The oldest of them all is Faneuil Hall, which was constructed back in 1742.  Each one of these buildings is filled with shops and restaurants, however, people should be aware that many of the items for sale are quite overpriced. 

Visit the Samuel Adams Brewery

Drinking beer is as American as apple pie, so what better way to spend time in Boston than learning how the popular Samuel Adams beer is made!  This is the smallest of their three sites, but it is the only one that offers tours and tastings to the general public.  Everyone will either need to drive to the brewery or take the T, because it is five miles outside of the downtown area.  After the informative tour, guests that are over the age of twenty-one will receive a free sample of beer, as well as a small keepsake glass.  Most visitors choose to spend time in the beer garden after their tour, as that is where they can purchase another pint or two before returning to the busy city streets. 

Fenway Park

Not everyone will be able to see the inside of Fenway Park, as it is only open during baseball season for the most part.  While a tour of the stadium is nice, there is nothing better than climbing into the stands to watch a game while eating peanuts, popcorn, and cracker jacks.  This stadium opened back in 1912 and while it has seen its hardship from the curse of Babe Ruth, the Red Sox team has had its share of victories as well. 

Unusual Things to Do in Boston

While there are many regular things to do in the city of Boston, this area is also filled with unusual things that most visitors will love.  Here are a few favorites.

Forest Hills Cemetery

This cemetery fills two hundred and seventy-five acres of land within the Jamaica Plain neighborhood and the graves are surrounded by a miniature village.  The village was put in place in 2006 and according to the artist, each building is the exact replica of the homes of each person buried in the cemetery. 


Most of the stores in Boston are out in the open, but visitors will need to look really hard to find the true Bodega during their visit.  The high-end clothing section of the store can be found only when a person walks through the secret door that is located behind the Snapple machine in the back of the corner store.  While the front of the store is dusty and cluttered beyond recognition, the back-end space is filled with the latest fashion finds. 

Franklin Park’s Overlook Shelter Ruins

One of the first buildings designed by Frederick Law Olmsted now sits in ruins within Franklin Park and not many people even know that it is there.  The old building, which is now in ruins, used to be the field house for the athletic fields within the park.  The entire building was placed low to the ground and blended in with the natural landscape, which is why it seems even more hidden today.  However, those who look carefully will see the original stone steps, a couple of benches, water fountains, and even an archway. 

The Plaque for the Great Boston Molasses Flood

There are not many areas of the country that would memorialize a molasses flood and in fact, we don’t think that anywhere else in the world has had this type of catastrophe!  In January of 1919, a molasses tank exploded and killed twenty-one people as it reached a height of forty feet before destroying everything surrounding it.  The entire mess contained more than two million gallons of molasses and it started to spread in all directions before anyone could even try to stop it.  The plaque marks the spot where it all started, and it is a must-see for those who are always looking for strange events during their travels. 

Do’s and Don’ts in Boston

  • DO eat lots of fresh seafood when visiting Boston
  • DO take a walk on the North End of the city to see the beauty and character
  • DON’T drive unless you need to
  • DON’T take a water taxi unless you need to get across the harbor quickly
  • DO plan your trip carefully if you are on a budget – this is not the city to throw caution to the wind

The city of Boston offers so much fun and excitement to those who visit, and no one will find themselves bored at any time during their stay.  Everyone can stay busy as they stroll along the streets, walking into historical sites as well as stores as they go, but they can also relax as needed, either at their hotel or at a nearby restaurant.  While everyone will see quite a bit during their visit, unless a person stays in the city for more than a year, there is no way that they can see and do everything that is available to them.