Helen Critchley

Helen Critchley

Helen Critchley specialises in writing articles related to travel because it’s what she knows best! Her passion for travel started in 2006. After her graduation, she travelled across the United States of America for the first time. Since then, she has explored 10 additional countries and re-visited the USA 8 more times. After escaping a stressful 6-year career in Events, Helen Critchley moved from her hometown in England to Spain to pursue her dream career as a Content Creator. Today, she works from her sea view apartment writing for professional travel bloggers, hotel chains and travel search engine websites, from all over the World. Each week, she writes around 10 articles to create interesting and engaging content for a wide audience. As well as being a writer, Helen moonlights as an enthusiast English Teacher and is the Founder of Viva Adventure Club, an English social club for adults. She is currently trying to visit the largest 50 cities of Spain, so far, she has visited 6, but has an epic Andalucía road trip in the works.


Hotelsescape, Search4Sun, Profiles98 Magazine, LuxStar


Bachelor of Honours degree in Media and Popular Culture

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