Tour Menorca, Spain for Sun kissed Warm Turquoise Waters



Guide Outline

  1. Best Time to Visit
  2. How to get to Menorca, Spain
  3. Where to stay in Menorca, Spain
  4. Top Attractions to Visit
  5. Places to Eat in Menorca, Spain
  6. Do’s and Don’ts

Along with Ibiza and Mallorca, Menorca (also known as Minorca) makes up the three largest islands of the glorious Mediterranean paradise, the Balearic Islands. There are four other islands; however, they are less popular.

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Best Time to Visit

If you are looking for untouched, tranquil, sun-kissed sand and warm turquoise waters, Menorca is perfect for you and your family. The best time to visit is from May until October, but if you hate crowds, avoid August.

How to get to Menorca, Spain

Mahón is one of the go-to places to stay in Menorca, as it’s the capital city. The airport is only 4.5 km (2.8 miles) away from Mahón. It is an international airport with direct flights from Italy, France, UK and of course Spain. Depending on when you book, a return flight from Barcelona can cost as little as $100.

A taxi from the airport will cost around €20, but you do have the option of taking the bus for less than €3. However, if you are staying in a resort, they usually provide a pickup service.

When you are visiting Menorca, a car is not essential. Transportes Menorcaoperates a bus service across the island.

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Where to stay in Menorca, Spain

For the best locations, consider staying in Mahón, which is the old town, or Cuitadella, which is livelier due to its nightlife.

In Mahón, we suggest booking your accommodation at the quirky and beautiful Petit Mao, which is an 18th-century townhouse. Plus, it has a pool, it’s close to the beach and the staff are all very friendly. Prices vary depending on the month. Outside of high season (July-June) rooms are $100/night.

Hostel Menorca - AlbergueJuvenil,offers double rooms, with a private bathroom, as well as 4-bed and 10-bed dorms. For a private room, with a balcony and city view, in this quiet hostel, expect to pay $80/night. Its location is superb as it’s close to many attractions, within the heart of the historical centre, Cuitadella.

Is your primary goal of visiting Menorca to relax? If so, then the beachfront hotelSol MilanosPingüinosmay be ideal for you. It’s a 3-star hotel with breakfast included for $97/night.

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Top Attractions to Visit

Outside of the incredible beaches and inviting Mediterranean ocean, the islands top attractions include:

  • Exploring the old town of Mahón
  • Walk along some of the 186 km (115 miles) coastal path, Cami de Cavalls
  • Relax on the exclusive beach and possibly best beach on the island, CalaMacarelleta
  • Visit the top of the tallest hill in Menorca, El Toro, for an epic viewpoint
  • Spend the afternoon at the historical site of Torre d’enGalmes
  • For something a little different, see the NavetadE’sTudons


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Places to Eat in Menorca, Spain

As an island, it’s fair to say that the seafood and fish are going to be delicious due to its freshness. In many Spanish destinations, instead of fish of the day, (a fish that the kitchen needs to sell before it goes bad), they have the catch of the day. In Menorca, you can eat a tasty fish within a few hours of it being caught.

For a ‘cheap eats’ lunch go to Hogar Del Pollo, it’s a Galician restaurant with a classic menu. For example,Pulpo (octopus),albondigas(meatballs) and ensaladilla (egg salad and mayonnaise). If you love this restaurant, you need to visit Santiago de Compostela and A Coruna.

If you want to ‘pig out’ for dinner check out the affordable but fancy, CasSafraGastrobar, the friendly Fusion Café and tasty Questat in Plaza Nova. All 3 restaurants are located in Ciutadella and serve Mediterranean cuisines, along with typical Spanish dishes.

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As the first place in all of Spain to see the sun, do get up and experience a sunrise.

Water sports are popular in Menorca, do be adventurous and try one. Which do you prefer water skiing, windsurfing or sailing?

If you are staying in a resort, with half or full board, please adventure out at least once to experience the local cuisines. It would be a shame to go to Menorca and only eat from set menus and buffets.


Don’t procrastinate. Book your trip to Menorca as soon as possible. It is a hugely popular destination and as such hotels and apartments sell out each year.

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