Gijon – A Beautiful Destination in Spain



Guide Outline

  1. How to get to Gijon
  2. Where to stay in Gijon
  3. Top Attractions to Visit
  4. Places to Eat in Gijon
  5. Do’s and Don’ts

The coastal city of Gijon is located on the Bay of Biscay, within the region of Asturias. Asturias is famous for cider. Gijon is a great city to try this popular beverage, which will be unlike any cider you have drunk before, in terms of taste and how it is delivered.

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How to get to Gijon

Gijon is approximately 240 miles (385km) from the capital city of Madrid. A great way to visit Gijon from Madrid is via train. The train journey from Chamartin train station, in the north of Madrid, is5-hours, without changes. The price of a return ticket starts from €68.

If you prefer to fly, you’ll be interested to know that the closest airport to Gijon is Asturias Airport at a distance of 26 miles (42km). This is an international airport, as is Santander Airport, which is 111 miles (179km) from Gijon city centre.

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Where to stay in Gijon

Gijon is a popular summer vacation destination for the residents who live in central and southern Spain. Each year families flock to Gijon to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze, city attractions and wonderful views.  As a popular holiday destination, the accommodation is eclectic and diverse.

Both, economical and luxury hotels are readily available.

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For a hotel within the city centre, check out Hotel Begoña. It is a 3-star hotel that offers a brisk 10-minute walk to San Lorenzo and Poniente beach.To spend a night here, expect to pay $72/night. Make your trip to Gijon extra special by selecting a room with a balcony and garden view.

If you are a total foodie and love seafood, then stay at the Hotel Agüera. The surrounding area has many fantastic seafood restaurants and Gijon’s old town and beaches are nearby. A double room for two will set you back $84.

Top Attraction to Visit

For a cultural experience that involves learning about the city’s history, visit the Asturias Railway Museum (€2.50 each, but free on Sundays), explore Campa Torres ParqueArqueologico to see how the city was influenced by Romans in this excellent archaeological heritage site and the Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos.

Also, schedule an afternoon walk around the city and admire some of the monuments around the city. For example, Santa Aralina Headland and the Monumento a las Madre del emigrants.

To discover the city’s beauty, walk along the promenade, next to San Lorenzo beach, visit the Atlantic Botanic Gardens and then relax on Poniente beach.

For an epic view of the city head to mirador parquet de la Providencia. Be sure to visit on a clear day!

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Places to Eat in Gijon

There are a few food specialities to savour when you visit Gijon, or any other city in Asturias, like Oviedo and Avilés. Dishes to try include:

  • FabadaAsturiana - Asturian Bean and Sausage Casserole
  • Caldereta: Fish Stew
  • Merluza a la Sidra: Hake in Cider
  • Carne Gobernada: Asturian-Style Beef in White Wine

Some great restaurants to order these fantastic dishes are Sidreria Casa Carmen Manso, Casa Trabanco, As de Picas and TabernaGigia.

However, you also can’t go wrong with a lunch or dinner of tapas, which will be available in every Spanish bar. This is the cheapest and one of the tastiest ways to fill your belly, without breaking the bank.

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Do try the Sidraaka cider. As previously, mentioned, this is what Asturias is famous for. The cider is made from local apples and is poured from a great height to encourage carbonation.

In addition to cider, the apples are used to create a delicious Tarta de Manzana aka Apple Tart. Be sure to pick up a piece for breakfast.

Do research the Gijon tourist card, before you visit. Prices start from €10 for one day and this includes 3-hour bicycle hire, free admission to selected museums and free public bus transportation.


Don’t fill up on fizzy drinks and ice cream. Gijon has incredible fish, seafood and meat dishes.

Don’t think that Gijon is challenging to get to and not worth the time and effort to get there. Gijon is a beautiful city, with lots of indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family.

Don’t visit Gijon in winter because its cold and very wet. Instead visit between May and November.

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