Vacation Ideas for Families

Traveling as a family is special and the memories that are made during these trips will last a lifetime for everyone.  While a family vacation is amazing, it only works if families go somewhere that is perfect for both adults and children.

Here are vacation ideas for families:

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Orlando, Florida

Orlando is considered the favorite destination for families, because there is plenty to keep everyone happy.  Families can choose to spend time at the pool, go shopping in the hundreds of stores, or visit one of the numerous amusement parks.  The options are practically endless, and the weather is almost always perfect.

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Many people think that cruises are only for adults, but that couldn’t be further from the truth nowadays. Most cruise ships have plenty of activities for children to do and they even offer kid’s clubs for all ages.  The best part of this type of vacation is that the food and most of the activities on the ship are included in the price that families pay.

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The Hawaiian Islands are a fabulous destination for family vacations, but most families will want to stick with the Big Island or Maui.  Some of the beaches on the Big Island are family friendly, because the waves are not as strong there.  Maui has family friendly resorts that include their own beach.  The best part about either of these islands is that everyone in the family will find something that they will love to do while they are there.

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Mackinac Island, Michigan

There are times when families need to take a step back in time to when life when simpler and that can be accomplished on Mackinac Island.  No cars are allowed on the island, so every member of the family will get their exercise as they walk from one place to another.  The porch of the local hotel is a wonderful place to sit while sipping lemonade or ice tea on a hot afternoon.

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Grand Canyon National Park

The massive Grand Canyon is eighteen miles wide and a mile deep, plus is it two hundred and seventy-seven miles long.  People can spend a day or two here as they just explore the south rim with the Grand Canyon Village, the Visitor Center, the Historic District, and the Market Plaza.  Additional days will be needed for those who want to hike into the canyon or camp in the back country.

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These vacations are perfect for families and they are just a few of the options that are available.  Families can go to one of these destinations this year and begin planning next year’s vacation for one of the other places.

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