Is it Safe to Travel to Hawaii?

Safety is becoming the number one issue for those who love to travel, as they continuously need to wonder if they will be safe in the destination that they choose.  After all, with shootings, terrorist attacks, and all the other terrible things that seem to be happening in every corner of this world, there is good reason for people to be concerned. 

Hawaii has always been a fairly safe place to visit, and most people have never given a visit to the islands a second thought until recently.  The eruption of the Kilauea volcano has changed travelers’ minds though, as they are worried about the health effects that they may experience as molten lava is flowing out onto the island. 

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The volcano began its rumbling on May 3rd and it wasn’t long before thousands of residents had to evacuate their homes due to the molten lava.  However, when it comes to the tourists on the Big Island, if they hadn’t seen the news, they would have no idea of what was happening in the Punaregion of the island.  The reason for that is not many tourists go to that section of the island, unless they wanted to experience seeing a volcano firsthand.

In fact, the only noticeable difference that many people will see during their visit is something that they actually can’t see at all, which is the air quality.  Kilauea’s volcanic eruption has managed to raise the sulfur dioxide levels in many places around the island, which can affect a person who already has breathing problems more than anyone else. 

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In addition to the air quality, everyone on the island needs to be prepared for the gaseous vog, which is the volcanic form of fog, and ash.  Depending on which way the wind is blowing, and at what speed, these two things can affect people miles away. 

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Of course, the record-breaking rains are not helping matters in the tourism sector of Hawaii either, as there have been numerous reports of flash flooding, sink holes, and landslides.  It is getting to the point where locals and tourists alike are not sure where it is safe to go, although most of those fears are subsiding because of the action that state officials have taken. 

Plans have been put in place to keep everyone informed of volcanic activity, and the record-breaking rains are stopping as well.  That means that this island can begin to get back on track, despite the fact that Kilauea is sending lava down into the ocean below. 

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For the moment, everywhere on the Big Island is safe, with the exception of the immediate area surrounding Kilauea.  People are urged to stay away from the volcano, for their own safety, but encouraged to enjoy the rest of the beauty that the island offers. 

Visitors will want to spend hours in the ocean, whether they are surfing, swimming, or snorkeling.  A few people will even want to venture out into the water for one of the fascinating manta ray night dives that take place throughout the year.  Hiking is another favorite pastime on the island and it is available in many areas, but local favorites include treks to Rainbow Falls and Akaka Falls. 

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None of the other Hawaiian Islands have been affected from the erupting volcano, so those who may not feel overwhelmingly confident about visiting the Big Island, should feel no qualms about going to any of the others. 

Overall, Hawaii is still one of the safest places that a person can visit, and since it holds such beauty, people will not be able to resist a visit there for much longer. 

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