Spend Some Time on the Fascinating Kauai Island Hawaii

Kauai Island is the oldest of the main islands in Hawaii, at least geologically speaking, and it is also the fourth largest island. Kauai is also known as the Garden Isle, due to the spectacular flowers and plants that can be found there.  The weather is always beautiful on Kauai Island Hawaii, except for when an extreme weather phenomena or odd storm passes through the area.  The northeastern shore receives more rain than the southwestern side, and the mountainous areas are cooler than the areas near the shorelines. 

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Everyone who visits Kauai Island Hawaii will want to spend time at as many of the spectacular beaches as they can, and there are plenty to choose from.  The three most popular ones include Poipu Beach, Tunnels Beach, and Polihale State Park.  Visitors can spend their time sitting in the fine soft sand, or they can venture into the fresh clear water to swim amongst the coral and abundant marine life. 

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No one will ever be ready to leave the pristine beaches of this island, but there are so many areas to explore!  One of the best, yet difficult ways for people to see quite a bit of Kauai Island Hawaii is to tackle the massive twenty-two-mile Kalalau Trail.  Most people can do this hike in two days as they rise to the top of impressive cliffs, relax for a few minutes on tranquil beaches, and take in numerous panoramic views.  Anyone that plans to do this hike will need to prepare in advance, as a permit is needed before anyone can begin the journey. 

Those who prefer slightly calmer adventures will love spending time in the smaller yet charming towns of Waimea and Hanapepe.  These two towns are fabulous destinations for visitors who love to grab a bite of delicious cuisine in between making purchases at local shops. 

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In order to learn more about the geology of Kauai Island Hawaii, visitors will want to spend a little time at Makauwahi Cave.  This massive sinkhole is filled with fossils and artifacts, and since not everyone knows about it, there are never large crowds.  Tours are offered five days a week, and there is never a charge.  However, donations are graciously accepted so that the archaeologists can continue to discover animal and plant fossils from long ago. 

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The waterfalls within Waimae Canyon make any trip there worthwhile, but once a person has seen some of the landscaping up close, they will want to walk up to the lookout point.  From this area, anyone will be able to see breathtaking views of the mountain’s peaks as well as the dips of the valleys below.  Amongst it all are the flowing waterfalls that look like small streams in the distance. 

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There are two other areas of waterfalls that everyone must see while they are on Kauai Island Hawaii and they are any of the dozens of waterfalls on Mount Waialeale and the amazing Wailua Falls. 

Flora lovers will love the fragrant flowers that can be found within the botanical garden, Na `Aina Kai.  This beautiful garden can be found on the northeastern side of Kauai Island Hawaii, and everyone can take tours of the numerous garden areas.  Everyone will love the teak forests, but it will be the maze that piques every visitor’s interest the most. 

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While the setting sun isn’t any different on Kauai Island Hawaii than it is anywhere else, visitors will still believe it is more phenomenal when they see it setting every evening that they are on the island.  Maybe it is the beauty of the shimmering water underneath or the ambiance in areas like Hanalei Bay, where it is said to be the best.  Whatever the reason, no one will want to miss watching even one during their visit. 

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Kauai Island Hawaii is a magnificent place to visit, and while it isn’t always the most popular of the Hawaiian Islands for tourists, it is slowly making its way to the top of the list.  After all, with so many breathtaking views and fantastic adventures, travelers would be crazy to choose anywhere else for their vacation destination.

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