7 steps to build your own e Commerce website

The Might Of E-commerce


The world of e-commerce is booming. According to Nasdaq, 95% of all purchases will be via e-commerce by the year 2040.

So, if you don’t have an e-commerce website set up yet, you need to get one – asap!

Fortunately, you do not need to be a data freak or a tech geek to understand how to set up a website. Our guide gives you 7 simple steps to build your own e-commerce website in no time!


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Step 01: Get Your Domain

First things first, to set up an online e-commerce shop, you need a website. Which means, getting a domain needs to be your first task.

There are several registrars, such as Domain.com, that sell domain. Simply visit the site, enter the name you wish to keep for your website, and check its availability. Sometimes, if a particular name isn’t available, you can play around with it by adding a “.net” instead of the usual “.com”.

Once you have your domain, you’re all set for the next step.

But if you don’t find one, do not worry. Some e-commerce website builders include one free domain too!


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Step 02: Choose Your Platform

These are platforms built with the right functionality to cater to the logistical and functional aspects of an e-commerce website and fulfill their purpose well and with ease.

There are primary three types of platforms: Open Source, SaaS, and Headless Commerce.


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Step 03: Pick A Builder

No, we don’t mean you should call in your construction team now. A website builder is where your website lives on the web, essentially. So, it is a software  that allows you to build your website with user-friendly tools and easy handling instead of having to trouble yourselves with long codes.

Some popular builders include:

ShopifyA SaaS website builder. It caters to rising traffic easily but can be a little on the financially steeper side.

Wix: Thriving on effortless functionality, Wix offers ready-made templates and countless website features beginning at budget-friendly rates.

Woocommerce: This one’s free to install, is a WordPress plug-in, and is very user-friendly.

There are many other builders too, like Webflow, SquareSpace, Magento, and BigCommerce. 


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Step 04: Design Your Website

Whether you decide to go with a ready-made template or wish to purpose-build one yourself, the next step entails figuring out the overall layout of the website.

Decide the logo, the style, the font, the overall color scheme, text placement, and other visuals. Craft a layout of the website and its pages for clarity in work.


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Step 05: Add To Shop

Of course, since it’s an e-commerce site, the next step involves the main deal that’s going to get the revenue rolling – the products.

List your products, fix the descriptions, optimize images, and set up checkout buttons.


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Step 06: Plan The Checkout

Once the online shop is filled with your products and/or services, the next step entails planning for pricing and shipping.

Figure out the payment integrations beforehand. For example, will you operate on cash only, accept cards, or integrate with payment platforms like 2checkout.

Also outline your shipping model; self, drop-shipping, or otherwise? Signify the shipping rates to ease orders.


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Step 07: Test and Launch!

Now that your website is ready and equipped with all the goods you wish to sell, test it out as a prototype. 
 Fix any and all errors you may find – from product description mistakes to security concerns.

Once you’re positive the site is ready, launch it for the public!


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Online shopping is garnering fame, and the transition is occurring at a faster and faster pace.

Catch up with times and maintain your clientele. Build an e-commerce website today with the best website builder for you.

Let your business rise with the times! 

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