2Checkout Payment Processing Company for Global Internet Business

2Checkout, now Verifone, is an all-in-one monetization platform that allows omnichannel e-commerce with a simplified backend.

With a client roster that extends from startups to Fortune 500 companies, 2Checkout focuses on digitizing business needs and providing seamless solutions. This makes it the perfect companion for businesses aiming to aid payments, billing, secure platform, partner sales, and beyond.

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Enabling Omnichannel E-Commerce

As the idea of e-commerce grows, the need for businesses to be agile and responsive through their platform has expanded. 2Checkout makes it easy to react instantaneously across channels, thereby improving conversion rates and preventing leads from going cold.


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Making Payments Secure

Although e-commerce has grown, the world remains skeptical of online payments. 2Checkout recognizes this hindrance and as the pioneers in cashless payments, provides secure digital connections protected from scams with its world-class hardware.

In fact, one of the very first inventions of the company were the “Verification Phone”, that protected merchants from fraudulent checks.  


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Grow Sales With 2Sell

One of the offerings of 2Checkout remains 2Sell – the platform that helps you redefine your checkout page.

Integrate your page with carts like Shopify, Wix, WHMCS, and ecwid. Enable credit card connections and digital payment options like Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and Maestro.

With a powerful API, 2Checkout helps transform current checkout pages into localized, user-friendly pages. Dealing with more than 100 currencies and 29 languages, 2Checkout brands the server to help match your brand persona and website.


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Improve Revenue Streams With 2Subscribe

Another feather in the cap of the 2Checkout monetization platform is 2Subscribe, a subscription package that improves revenue streams and helps maximize revenue.

The payment methods of 2Checkout have a recurring billing functionality as well as the toolset that helps businesses monetize their subscription cycle, increase value of average orders, and accentuate customer lifetime value.

Customize your subscription cycle as per business needs. Go for a flat-rate, usage-based, percentage, or any other combination of subscription options and build the package for daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual billing. Once the package is built, your clients can subscribe to any and find recurrent, automatic billing.

You can also enable the Revenue Recovery Tools with the 2Subscribe option. With this, businesses have seen a revenue uplift of as much as 20%! The toolset includes automatic account updater, as well as the retry logic.


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Optimize The Buying Channel

Drifting from the supply side, 2Checkout also recognizes the need to improve buying streams to generate traffic and convert visitors into customers.

With 2Monetize, it achieves just that.

The service includes A/B testing and prevents cart abandonment to optimize conversion rates and boost client retention. On the other hand, the regulatory compliance option helps manage invoices, handle taxes – VAT and other wise, and protects from risk and fraud.


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An Impressive Global Presence

After being bought by Verifone, the trajectory of the company has always been upward.

Currently, 2Checkout has more than 400,000 customers performing a whopping 10.3 billion transactions through the platform annually.

In addition, what the platform lacks in its slight complexities, it fulfills with a highly responsive customer care department. With its global offices across 180 countries, 2Checkout continues to prove itself as a great digital monetization partner.

Do you want to ease global payments and scale up? 2Checkout might be the platform to choose.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What business model does 2Checkout assist?

Any and all! Whether your business is B2B or B2C, 2Checkout focuses on a B2Any model, becoming the prime fit for all enterprises.

Is 2Checkout a new service?

Not at all. The company has been in the industry since 2006 and has a client roster featuring big names the likes of utsav Fashion, Advisera, and many more. Only recently was it acquired by Verifone.

What are the packages we can avail?

There are 3: 2Sell, 2Subscribe, and 2Monetize. Each has a different price however they all take a percentage plus a flat rate on every successful sale.

What is the backend functioning of 2Checkout?

The platform is built on API 5.0 and its connectors, that help create and embed e-commerce into customer checkpoints.

Does 2Checkout allow cart integrations?

Yes! It provides more than 120 cart solutions, including but not limited to Shopify. You can reach out to customer care in case you do not find your integrating platform.

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