10 Free Things You Can Do in the New York City

New York City is the most visited city in the USA, if you haven’t already visited this incredibly diverse city then make it your next holiday destination. There are so many exciting places to visit and attractions to see that unless your name is Bill Gates it could break the bank. However, one of the great things about New York City is it caters to everyone. The size of your wallet is irrelevant because some of the most exciting and beautiful attractions won’t cost you a penny. Here are 10 free activities that will quench your thirst for wanderlust.

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The High Line

Travelling in NewYork

This recently renovated cargo rail line has become a beautiful public park. The High Line has great views of the city and urban art. It opens every morning at 7am and is open for at least 12 hours every day, and longer in the summer months. It’s a great place to spend an hour or two, especially if you take a picnic. To explore The High Line, start at Ganesvoort Street in the Meatpacking District and walk north to the end. It ends on West 34st between 10th and 11th Avenue.

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Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

It costs nothing to walk over this famous cable-stayed/suspension bridge. Admire the New York City skyline, the Hudson River and the Brooklyn neighbourhood, as the bridge leads to Brooklyn Bridge Park. To capture the perfect selfie, stand on the 1,825m long bridge that has been an impressive landmark since 1883.

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Staten Island

Statue of Liberty

If you are in town on a Tuesday, take a ride on the famous Staten Island ferry and visit the Staten Island Museum. Make sure you arrive at the museum around midday as it is free for 2 hours from 12 till 2. On-board the ferry you can take in the sights of Wall Street, Lady Liberty and One World Trade Centre.

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Kayak the Hudson

Kayak the Hudson River

If you are feeling a bit sporty while in New York, then head to pier 26 or 29. Here, you can hire a kayak for free. You will have 20 minutes to explore the river where Chesley Sullenberger, an American pilot famously landed US Airways Flight 1549. Tom Hanks tells his story in the film Sully (2016).

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The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo

Most people don’t venture out of Manhattan, which is a shame, as the neighbourhood The Bronx, has a spectacular zoo. The zoo has a dedicated day called, “pay what you wish”, on Wednesdays.  Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget, then you can visit for free. The only advice worth noting is be there when the gates first open because within a couple of hours it does get very busy. Visit all your favourite animals first or start with the exhibit furthest away and work back towards the entrance.

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Become an audience member

Become an audience

America has a huge TV industry. So, why not have a great experience and sit in the audience of a successful chat show? You could be in the same room as your favourite actors or singers. You can request tickets for shows from the network’s website. For example, be in the studio to see ‘The Jimmy Fallon Show’ being recorded. You can do this by checking out the NBC website.

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Central Park

Central Park

The is no charge to take a long stroll around 3.411 km² of Central Park. The park offers many attractions, like the Alice in Wonderland sculpture and Strawberry Fields, which is dedicated to John Lennon. Or you can just walk over the meadows and bridges, sunbathe on the lawns or visit the many film locations.

These 7 activities should keep you busy and overwhelmed with the history, culture and beauty of the Big Apple. Other great activities include a Grand Central Station walking tour, the National Museum of the American Indian and a guided tour of the New York Public Library. You can never get bored in New York City.

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