Travel to New York City


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  1. Hotels in New York City
  2. Restaurants in New York City
  3. Popular Things to Do in New York City
  4. Unique Things to Do in New York City

It is said that Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps, but the same can be said about New York City.  After all, the lights in Times Square seem to be on and flashing at all hours of the day and night, and people can be seen wandering along the streets well past last call at the bars. 

While all that is fascinating, most people will bypass all that glitz and glamour for the art museums, on and off Broadway shows, unique shops, and the delectable cuisine that can be found in both hidey holes in the alleys and the five-star restaurants in the middle of all the action. 

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Hotels in New York City

There are plenty of hotels in New York City and many travelers will choose the one that they stay in by its location, while others will let the price be the deciding factor. 

Here are the hotels that we love in this city:

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MADE Hotel

MADE Hotel

This spectacular hotel is not too far from the Empire State Building, which means that it is nearby many of the other popular attractions in the city.  Guests will want to stay in a room that has floor to ceiling windows, as they offer fabulous views of the city streets.  Every guest has access to the second-floor patio, but most will prefer the lounge on the 18th floor, as it offers the best panoramic views.  The on-site bar is the perfect place to grab a drink, either before or after dinner at Ferris, the on-site restaurant.  The staff is available to meet every guests’ needs twenty-four hours a day, which will ease the minds of those who are not very familiar with the city. 

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citizenM New York Times Square

citizenM Newyork Times Square

It is all about luxury at citizenM New York Times Square, where guests will be right in the middle of Manhattan, about a one-minute walk from the infamous Times Square.  Guests can also easily walk to other famous sights that include Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building.  Every guest room has a small refrigerator, Wi-Fi access, and all the other comforts of home.  There is twenty-four-hour food and beverage service available for guests, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center.  Everyone will want to relax on one of the three outdoor terraces, as they are a great place to sit while watching everyone rush around on the streets below. 

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The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel

 The Beekman Hotel

This charming hotel can be found within the Financial District of the city and is not far from the Brooklyn Bridge.  Each room offers custom-made beds, as well as marble bathrooms, for the ultimate relaxing experience.  Guests will love the two on-site restaurants at this hotel, but it is the atrium that is nine stories high that captures peoples’ attention the most.

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Restaurants in New York City

Hundreds of restaurants line the streets of New York City and it is possible for every traveler to find an amazing meal that fits within their budget. 

Here are our favorite restaurants inside this city:

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Katz’s Delicatessen

Katz Delicatessen

One of the best restaurants in New York City has been a staple there for more than one hundred and twenty-five years, so there is no way that we can have it anywhere but at the top of our list!  This Jewish deli can be found on the Lower East Side and no traveler will miss it due to the long line of people waiting outside.  The favorite at this restaurant is the pastrami on rye and travelers will want to keep in mind that these sandwiches normally need to be shared, unless a person is used to eating for two! 

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Cote Korean Steakhouse

Cote Korean Steakhouse

Reservations are always needed at this amazing steakhouse in the city, mainly because the owners have done an amazing job at incorporating Korean barbecue into a classic steakhouse.  There are many options on the menu, but most people choose the Butcher’s Feast.  This massive meal includes four different cuts of beef, as well as banchan, an egg souffle, their fabulous spicy kimchi stew, and a soft-serve dessert. 

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This restaurant focuses on wine when it comes to drinks that pair well with the Californian cuisine, so wine-lovers will be in heaven when they dine here.  The favorite meals include the whole fried hen and the duck wings that are crisped to perfection.  However, the chef is known to work miracles with pasta and vegetables, so every guest should consider what they are ordering accordingly. 

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It is all about the atmosphere at Agern, where the guests will feel relaxed as they enjoy one delicious bite after another.  The menu changes consistently, but each dish is created with fresh ingredients and plated to perfection.  Everyone may be full at the end of their meal, but they will need to try to squeeze dessert in anyway.  After all, with selections that include rose petals and sorrel, guests will find themselves experiencing flavors and textures that they never have before. 

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Popular Things to Do in New York City

Visit Times Square

Times Square

Everyone will agree that a visit to Times Square is a must when in New York City.  The massive buildings and flashing lights are mesmerizing, as are all the people that line the streets.  While visitors can do some people watching and shopping in Times Square, most will want to take their photos and be on their way.  However, no one should leave until they have had their picture taken with Elmo, the Statue of Liberty, and the Naked Cowboy. 

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Paris has the Louvre and New York City has this museum, which is filled with amazing art from all over the world.  It is just as impossible for a person to see everything in this museum, just like at the Louvre, which means that every visitor must have a plan when they arrive.  The good news is that the collection and exhibits rotate frequently, so those who have been there before will have something new to see. 

Experience the Views from the Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Many people will find themselves at the bottom of the Empire State Building deciding whether or not to take the elevator to the top for the extraordinary views of the city.  This building has two different viewing platforms, the 86th floor and the 102nd floor, and it is no surprise that the one higher up offers the best views.  Those who do not want to wait in the massive lines may want to consider venturing up to the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center or the One World Observatory, as the views from them both are just as wonderful. 

Visit the Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

Those travelers who did not see enough art at the Met will want to venture over to MOMA to see some of the best masterpieces in the entire world.  No one will be able to resist spending a few extra minutes in front of works of art by Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol, and more. 

Explore History at the American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of National History

History lovers who cannot stand art will want to choose the American Museum of Natural History as their museum of choice when they are in New York City.  This museum has forty-five exhibit halls and they all hold a total of more than thirty million artifacts from the water, the land, and even outer space. 

Enjoy the Tranquility at Central Park

Central Park

No one believes that there can be a tranquil space inside this loud city, but travelers who take the time to visit Central Park will quickly learn that it is indeed nice and quiet inside this park.  Most people stick with the southern section of the park, but there is a lot more that visitors can explore if they take the time to do it.  Everyone must visit the castle, the fountain, and the Romeo and Juliet Gardens during their visit. 

Go Up High and Walk Along the High Line

High line

The High Line in New York City used to be where a railroad track took rushing freight trains over the city streets but is has now been turned into a beautiful green space for locals and visitors to enjoy.  This is more of a walking park, as it is long and narrow, but that doesn’t stop people from enjoying a picnic lunch when they are there. 

Venture Out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Statue of liberty and Ellis Island

A quick ferry ride is all it takes to get people out to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Each attraction shares a wealth of history with those who take the time to visit.  Travelers can climb up the Statue of Liberty to see the views, whether from the pedestal or from the crown itself.  Those who visit Ellis Island will find quite a few immigration documents on display and some people may even make a discovery about their own family during their visit. 

Unique Things to Do in New York City

The Woolworth Building

Woolworth Building

There was a time when the Woolworth name was quite popular due to the five and dime stores that Frank Winfield Woolworth owned and yet his legacy lives on inside this building that opened back in 1913.  When the building opened, nine hundred prominent guests got together for what was considered the highest dinner held in New York City.  This building is the same as it was when it was constructed, and visitors can now score a tour of the inside if they are lucky and plan ahead.  The only differences inside are that the top floors have been turned into luxury apartments and penthouses, of which one was on the market with a one hundred and ten-million-dollar price tag. 

Mysterious Bookshop

Mysterious Bookshop

This bookshop was founded back in 1979 and every inch of space inside is jam packed with books.  This is not an easy feat since the ceilings are potentially twenty-feet high.  Plus, every book inside the building is some type of mystery, thriller, or crime fiction.  The books are divided into sections, with authors’ books all together.  Scattered amongst it all are detective magazines and bibliomysteries.  This bookshop is normally perused by those who know their mysteries, although book lovers of all kinds can be seen trying to take it all in. 

Barthman’s Sidewalk Clock

Barthman Sidewalk Clock

The first clock outside of William Barthman Jeweler was put in place in 1896 and it was a basic mechanical jump hour clock.  The numbered tablets would flip on the hour and a lightbulb made sure that the clock lit up at night.  This clock caught the attention of many people, and then it drew their attention to the store.  The bad news about this clock was that the two people who created it never shared how a person should fix it in the future.  Therefore, when the original clock died, a replacement needed to be put in its place.  An analog clock was chosen complete with brass and it is estimated that at least fifty thousand people walk over the clock each day.  The jewelry store has now moved, but the clock will stay where it has been for all these years. 

The Fallout Shelter within the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Fallout Shelter

Back in 2006, a group of DOT workers were inspecting the Brooklyn Bridge when they made a shocking discovery that no one knew about.  They wandered into a room where blankets, water, crackers, and a drug called dextran were placed everywhere.  This was a basic fallout shelter from the Cold War era, and it seems that people forgot about it.  Travelers cannot gain access to the room itself, but they can see the part of the bridge that leads to that space. 

There are so many fabulous things to see and do while in New York City, which is why many travelers will need a list of what they must see and do while they are there.  That is the only way that a person can check items off their list and not miss the things that are most important to them.