Travel to Cordoba Spain


Guide Outline

  1. Where to Stay
  2. Places to Eat
  3. Points of interest in Cordoba
  4. Do's
  5. Don’ts

An ideal trip length to the Southern Spanish city of Cordoba is 1-2 days. This depends on your tourist speed. Do you want to rush to see everything in one day or relax and enjoy your surroundings?

Located within sunny Andalucía, Cordoba is an ideal location for enthusiasts who love art, culture and the great outdoors. Cordoba has a well recorded past which includes being a roman settlement, run by Visigoths and being captured by Muslims. All of this was before being recaptured by Christian influencers in the mid-13th century.  Due it’s educational enthusiasm it is believed to have become the largest city in Europe at one point as people were eager to learn and attended Europe’s first university.

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Where to Stay

If you choose to spend the night in Cordoba, the two hotels below are affordable and offer an excellent location.

Los Patios Hotel – Single, Double and Triple Rooms available, with afree breakfast. Plus, it is opposite one of the city’s highlights, the Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba. Trip Advisor gives Los Patios Hotel 8.2/10. Prices range from €55-€225, depending on room size and day of the week.

Los Patios Hotel

Boutique Caireles - This modern hotel, offers stunning views from the centre of the Jewish Quarter. Book in advance to take advance of cheaper rates, as prices range from 80-€200/night. Trip Advisor gives it a fabulous 8.6/10.

Boutique Caireles

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Places to Eat

Cordoba has plenty of affordable places to eat, and provide the best dishes of the local cuisine, we suggest the following restaurants for lunch and/or dinner.

For an authentic and delicious lunch, visit La Tata, situated close to the famous candy-striped mosque. Expect to pay around €10 for a good-sized meal and drink.

La Tata

If you are in the mood for a relaxed dining experience,visit Taberna Gongora. It opened in 1980 and still going strong.

La Tinaja

For dinner, visit the modern restaurant, La Tinaja, which has a lovely outdoor patio and a huge range of traditional food from the area to choose from. A 3-course meal will cost around €28. Visit their website to get a better understanding of the Spanish menu, as the dishes are accompanied by photos.

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Points of interest in Cordoba


Cordoba has lots of attractions that depict the cultural changes the city has experienced. All will require at least an hour of your time, while a few others will most likely peak your interest and your stay will reach 2 hours. This is your Cordoba bucket list:

  • Alcazar de Los Reyes Cristianos
  • Calahorra Tower
  • Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba
  • Palacio de la Merced
  • Plaza del Potro
  • Roman Temple of Cordoba
  • Torre de la Malmuerta

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The most popular months are May, Jun & Oct, either side of the blistering summer heat. Plan your trip during this time if you enjoy temperatures in the high 20’s (Celsius). But if this is too hot for you, consider March and April instead as temperatures range from 20°-24°C.

Do pack your sunglasses, most days a marvelously sunny. We’d hate for you to be walking round squinting the entire time.

To avoid any queues to enter an attraction, book your tickets in advance, as they usually include time slots.

If you don’t want to walk around aimlessly, consider joining a free walking tour.

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Don’t visit in December as this is the wettest month, with 9cm of rain. However, this means fewer crowds. So, if you don’t mind the rain, simply pack a raincoat.

Don’t plan your Spanish itinerary to only include Cordoba. This city is an additional city to visit, for those visiting the larger and nearby cities of Sevilla, Granada and Malaga.

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