Travel Guide Bali, Indonesia


Heaven on Earth 

Gently placed on an island in the middle of Indonesia is what some believe to be a true heaven on earth, and we agree. Bali is a little bit of perfection to grant the wishes of every visitor. With the nickname “Island of the God’s,” it is no surprise Bali is one of the world’s most traveled to locations. The sun, the sea, and the sites are just the beginning to this heavenly location. Before you book your flight, let us do your planning for you. Choose from the most breathtaking views, family fun activities, incredible attractions, and much more to make the most of your vacation in paradise.

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Guide Outline

  1. Beaches
  2. Site Seeing
  3. Food
  4. Attractions
  5. Hikes
  6. Shopping
  7. Have Fun with the Whole Family
  8. The Plethora of Paradise

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We will start with the beaches, because that is the first thing that comes to mind when visitors retell their visits to Bali. White sand, ocean life, and waves that surfers dream about surround the island of Bali, all while great food and drinks surround you on the beach. Though, you do not need to travel far to find a seemingly perfect beach, below are some of the most sunbathe and swim worthy beaches on the island.

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Attention all surfers, this beach is for you. Even if you are not a surfer, you may find yourself renting a board to take advantage of this famous beach.  Kuta host many surfing competitions and draws many surfers due to the sand bar which the beach is located on. No need to worry about harmful reefs getting in the way of your ride.

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Balangan Beach

It is amazing how one beach on can feel like you just entered a scene from a movie. Just 40 minutes from Kuta, lies Balangan Beach which is the perfect destination for a secluded seaside escape.  Immaculate sands and incredible surfing lies at the bottom of the cliff separating Balangan Beach from civilization. There are however cafes and warungs along the beach to meet yourday’s food and drink needs. Stairs lead down the cliffside to the beach, making you work a little to reach this divine location.

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Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach sits on the east side of Bali and it one of the island’s earliest beach resorts. This beach offers warm waters and welcoming sands. Fisherman frequent this location to provide fresh seafood dishes for you to enjoy. The talk of Sanur is the well know café, Pantai Indah. As you watch the fisherman work their magic, enjoy a beverage from Pantai Indah.

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Site Seeing

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If you enjoy huge emerald fields,Tabanan is the place for you. The landscapes of Tabananare filled with seemingly endless rice paddies. An activity to do while enjoying the views is to learn about the growing and harvesting of rice in Bali. 

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Amed is a destination for snorkelers, however it is a great location for any visitor who is looking for a quieter sea side village to spend the day. The water is warm, the coral is vibrant, and diving is very affordable.

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Ulun Danu Temple

Ulun Danu Temple is a beautiful site to see, but what makes this temple so unique is its location. This temple lies on the edge of Bedugul, meaning it is floating on Baratan Lake. While on the water, the best way to see the Ulun Danu Temple is on foot. Walk around the floating walkways and witness many different shrines. Most likely there will be fog at your feet and many opportunities for fantastic photos.

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Tanah Lot Temple

As one of Bali’s most popular landmarks, the Tanah Lot Temple is a site to see. Several smaller shrines leadup to the famous Hundi shrine elevated off the shore of the BerabanVillage. The backdrop of this temple is an absolutely breathtaking view of the ocean at sunset. You will most likely see several other visitors while you are there. It is best to arrive early, to get the best view and to walk across the sand to the temple before the tides rise.

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Uluwatu Temple

Another highly visited temple in Bali is the Uluwatu Temple. This temple offers incredible views of the sea, just like Tanah Lot, but Uluwatuis located on the side of a cliff elevated 70 meters above the sea. The forest leading up to the temple is home to many monkeys, which are believed to protect the temple. Between monkey watching, sea sites, and the many shows offered at Uluwatu Temple, you will need to allot some time to explore this spot.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island may take some effort to reach, including the accompaniment of a park guide and permit, but you will not regret the time it takes to visit this hidden gem of Bali. If you get the chance to scuba dive while atMenjangan Island you will most like see many sea animals. Turtles, octopi, stingrays, and crabs are all animals frequently spotted on this island. Not only does this island offer “out of this world diving”, but also great food, beautiful sites, and maybe even the chance to see the rare Java Rusan Deer that live on this island.


If you are anything like us, you may be asking “But, what about the food?” Sure, the beaches and sites are nice, but eventually we all have to eat, and we certainly do not want to be disappointed when it comes to meals on vacation. Worry not! Another layer of cloud nine bliss in Bali is the delectable food. Here are some stand out meals and restaurants to visit for authentic Indonesian foods that will leave you wondering how you can take the food back home with you. 


If you want to try a famous Bali food, look no further than BabiGuling. BabiGuling is a sucking pig, rubbed in local spices, and roasted over coals. Many restaurants in Bali serve BabiGuling in a variety of ways.


While any beach in Bali will provide amazing seafood, of course we suggest partaking in the seafood on the recommended beaches listed above, specifically Sanur. Sanur is known for their incredible seafood, freshly caught and ready to enjoy.


BebekBengil is located in Ubud and serves a favored lunch. With a variety of foods and beautiful views, BebekBengil is a must visit spot if you are in the area. Their signature food here is a boiled broth called bebekbetutu and traditionally duck is cooked in this broth.


The picturesque beaches and stunning temples are just the beginning of what Bali has to offer. Check out some of the local attractions Bali has in store below.



If you love a good waterfall or two,Munduk is the place for you. Choose from 12 of the hiking trails in the area to explore. Though not necessary, a hiking guide can be hired to lead you to the best views. Such views are of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Bali. 


While Munduk has some of the most waterfalls, Sukawati is a Bali waterfall that is special. This waterfall is considered to be a sacred spot to Bali. It is also tucked away in a secluded spot that is revealed to you at the end of a small trail. After arriving at the secret waterfall, enjoy your find by swimming under the cascades.

Mount Batur

With amazing waterfalls, Bali also has incredible mountain tops. Mount Batur is one of these peaks to see. Mount Batur is actually a volcano that can be summited with a tour. The peak is 1,700 meters above sea level, but the hike itself is moderate in comparison to many of the other peaks in Bali.



If you are a fan of silver, you must visit Celuk. The main street in Celuk, Jalan Raya Celuk has a plethora of silverware for purchasing. The village of Celuk is located in Sukawati, which is about a half an hour from Ubud. A day trip to both cities is a great day spent in Bali, but be sure to bring some extra space for the silver work you will bring back with you. And remember its normal to haggle a little while you are shopping in Bali.


Located not far from Ubud, Mas has a plethora of wood carvings for sale. From traditional Bali wood carvings to gorgeous designs, Mas has a wood carving to catch the eye of any visitor. 


If you are visiting the village of Batubulan, make sure you have room for an incredible stone carving. Batubulan has the reputation of their gorgeous carvings among Bali villages. Most of the carvings are made from volcanic minerals making the stones appear to be blue and black in color. Batubulan is a great stop to observe art of Bali as well as pick up a souvenir. 

Have Fun with the Whole Family

Whether you are traveling to Bali with family or solo, these activities are sure to be a hit.

Kecak dance

Kecak dances are apart of Bali’s culture that shares some of Bali’s history through their performance. Check out one of the performances to learn about Bali’s history and culture.

Treetop Adventure Park

In the town of Bedugul is a park ready to create an adventure filled day for adults and children alike. The Bali Treetop Adventure Park presents a number of different courses and activities at all skill levels.

Cooking classes

While Bali offers delectable foods, there are also opportunities to be apart of the experience by learning to cook some traditional Bali foods yourself. Many restaurants offer cooking classes, and some locals are willing to teach you their culinary skills as well.

Visit a Chocolate Factory

A large amount of coco comes from Bali, which makes it a great location to check out a chocolate factory and learn about how we receive the coco that is on our shelves back home.

The Plethora of Paradise

One could easily spend weeks or months in Bali and not see everything this island has to offer. In fact, many people do! Make the most of your time, and use some of the activities in this article to help you decide how you will spend your days in Bali. You may find yourself joining the many who have picked up and moved to this heaven on earth because they simply cannot believe all there is to see.