Mariah Swigart

Mariah Swigart

Mariah Swigart is a travel blogger and outdoor enthusiast who writes daily about her experiences. If she is not found at her computer sharing about her adventures or researching new places to visit, it is because she is out exploring. Mariah is originally from the United States, where she moved from her home state of Indiana to the “wild west” of Arizona. In Arizona she taught writing to elementary students and fell in love with travel. While in Arizona she met her husband, who was just as adventurous as her. They enjoyed road trips, camping, and outdoor activities in the United States. In the process she reviewed outdoor gear during the breaks from her teaching schedule, but she always dreamed of making writing her full-time career. In 2017 her dream became a reality as her husband received an opportunity to teach English in Spain. Mariah saw this move and change of scenery as her chance to expand their travels and focus on writing full time. Since then Mariah has written for numerous blogs on topics of traveling, various outdoor guides, health, fitness, and food. Her motivation is to encourage others to seek out the beauty in the world through traveling, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and living a vibrant lifestyle. Mariah shares about her adventures and daily life in Spain at


Four years of teaching writing and English, current writer for Dope Outdoors, contributor to numerous travel and outdoor blogs.


Bachelor of Degree in Elementary Education.

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