Travel Cheaply in Pompeii


Guide Outline

  1. Hotels
  2. Restaurants
  3. Things to Do
  4. Do’s and Don’ts
  5. Money Saving Tips

Anyone who has heard the word Pompeii may automatically think of the ruins of this beautiful destination, but this area offers so much more to everyone who chooses to spend time there.  That doesn’t mean that anyone should skip the ruins of this old city, it just means that everyone should keep their eyes open for the true and authentic beauty that can be found everywhere.

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Hotels are surprisingly plentiful in Pompeii, so every traveler will be able to find the one that suits their needs the most.  The good news is that some of the best hotels in the area can be reserved at rates that are quite reasonable. 

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Hotel Diana Pompeii

This recently renovated hotel can be found in a quiet area approximately three hundred meters from the ruins of Pompeii.  The location is excellent since it is nearby two train stations, as well as a bus stop, so no one needs to worry about their transportation needs during their stay.  Guests are always welcome to explore the garden that is filled with citrus trees and Mediterranean plants and it is the perfect spot for people to sit while sipping a glass of wine and reflecting on their time in the area.  Guests love the modern rooms that are complete with luxurious bathrooms, as well as the twenty-four-hour availability of room service. 

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Pompeii Resort

This resort has a four-star hotel that offers all the comforts and amenities of home.  The hotel has fifty-five rooms and a few of them are luxury end junior suites to ensure that every guest has the best accommodations to meet their needs.  This hotel can be found within the city center and every guest can easily walk to public transportation and the archaeological excavations.  The onsite restaurant, Restaurant LeSceri, offers traditional and international cuisine, and every dish is served with precise care to ensure that everyone enjoys every bite.  Views of Mount Vesuvius can be seen from the balconies of the rooms, as well as the Garden Resort area. 

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Certe Notti Suites

This is a bed and breakfast that can be found in central Pompeii and it has two gardens that guests are allowed to relax in whenever they wish. Many guests can be seen near the three-hundred-year-old olive trees, while others are a little more comfortable near the fragrant flower beds.  Each one of the rooms at this bed and breakfast are like little apartments and they include two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a private terrace.  Guests have all the comforts of home during their stay and the staff is always available to answer questions or give advice as to what a visitor should do during their time in the area. 

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Normally, restaurants near major tourist attractions are expensive, but Trammiereis one of the exceptions.  They serve pizza of all kinds and diners can watch as the pizzas are prepared and cooked right in front of them.  The owner is very friendly and talks to and entertains the diners throughout the day.  Most guests choose to take their pizzas to one of the tables outside, as the views of the area are amazing!

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Le Delizie

This restaurant may be known for its delectable pizza, but it is also known for tasty gnocchi and their seafood meals.  The staff is very accommodating, especially to those who have dietary needs and anyone who wants to take the time to learn a few basic Italian words to use during their stay. 

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Mercato Pompeiano

This restaurant may cost a little bit more, but the menu is full of delicious delights that include steak, chicken, and Italian dishes.  With such a plentiful menu, many people find themselves returning for multiple nights in a row, so that they can try as many dishes as possible.  The staff is very friendly and attentive, and the food is served hot.  Plus, it is always more than a person can possibly eat in one sitting. 

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Things to Do

History can be found almost everywhere in Pompeii, which is why many people have a difficult time deciding what they should do first and how their itinerary should be arranged.  Thankfully, there is no wrong way to explore this spectacular destination, so everyone should just start in one place and continue through their list until it is complete. 

Here are a few of the fantastic things that everyone needs to do while visiting Pompeii:

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Visit Casa del Fauno

This large and elegant private house was constructed during the 2nd century B.C. and it is an excellent example of how the rich lived within the area before the volcano erupted.  The house takes up an entire city block and has two atria at the front. 

Visit the Antiquarium

There were numerous artifacts uncovered in this area and many of them can be seen amongst the displays inside the Antiquarium.  A few of the artifacts are even considered to be from before the Roman Era, although they are very delicate and may not be on exhibit too often due to their vulnerability. 

Visit the Terme Stabiane

The Terme Stabiane is an ancient bathhouse that has been very carefully preserved.  The baths for both genders can be found on the right and they feature a circular bath and a changing room.  A pool can be found on the left and it is still being maintained to keep it in excellent condition.  Everyone will want to pay close attention during their visit, as it is amazing how the hot and cold water were mixed for the baths. 

Visit the Villa of the Mysteries

The Villa deiMisteri is a carefully preserved Roman estate that can be found on the edge of Pompeii.  This mansion was buried for many years until it was first discovered in 1909.  Many people visit this mansion to see the frescoes from the first century, especially the one that shows a woman who portrays a Greco-Roman religion. 

Visit the Garden of Fugitives of Pompeii

When Mount Vesuvius erupted, many people were caught off guard and quickly covered with ash and burning lava.  It was not known where any of those people ended up until thirteen of the victims were discovered between the years of 1961 and 1962 and again between the years of 1973 and 1974.  No one can see the actual remains, but excellent reproductions of each victim have been placed within this garden.  Those reproductions allow visitors to see and possibly understand what those people were going through at that horrible time. 

Visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Rosary

The Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Rosary is a Roman Catholic house of prayer that can be found in Pompeii.  Inside this church, visitors will find breathtaking frescoes, beautiful works of art, and intricate details throughout the architecture.  While many people do visit this church, most of the people there on a daily basis are the locals who go there to pray.  Anyone who wants to visit on a Saturday will want to be prepared for the crowds of people who arrive from all over the entire country to honor Madonna. 

Participate in a Wine Tasting on Mount Vesuvius

Wine always tastes fabulous in Italy, but there is something special about drinking it while perched in a vineyard on the side of Mount Vesuvius.  The vineyard is more than one hundred years old and they have a large variety of grapes on their vines.  As everyone is exploring, they will find themselves mesmerized by the views of the water and the surrounding area.  Every visitor gets to enjoy a four-course lunch and each course is paired with a coordinated wine. 

Do’s and Don’ts 

As with everywhere else in the world, Pompeii has some do’s and don’ts that every visitor needs to be aware of.  While some of them will not affect a person’s trip too much, others will leave people wondering how they should have done a few things differently. 

Here are the do’s and don’ts that everyone needs to be aware of in Pompeii:

  • Do hire a guide for the best experience in Pompeii.  This little “do” will allow everyone to discover everything in the area, while learning about it, instead of missing out on numerous details. 
  • Don’t expect to see artifacts inside the buildings, as they were all shipped to the Naples National Archaeological Museum.
  • Do spend time enjoying the frescoes inside the House of Faun, the House of Vetti, and the House of the Mysteries. 
  • Do try to speak basic Italian or at least attempt to learn it during a visit to Pompeii.  The locals will appreciate the effort and will be happy to teach anyone at any time.
  • Do dress nicely to avoid looking like a tourist.  Italians love to dress up when outside of their home, so plan accordingly.
  • Don’t wear shorts or tank tops when exploring the city.  Many churches expect everyone to have as much of their skin covered as possible when visiting churches and other reputable attractions.
  • Do carry some cash, as not everywhere accepts credit cards.
  • Do wear comfortable shoes, as there is a lot of walking to do in order to see all the sights.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen since there is not a lot of shade.
  • Do carry a reusable water bottle, as everyone will get thirsty under the hot sun.
  • Do prepare for massive crowds on free admission Sundays.
  • Don’t rent a vehicle, as the trains stop directly in front of the gates of Pompeii.
  • Do take the time to visit the Archaeological Museum in Naples for the best overall experience.

Money Saving Tips

Most attractions in Pompeii are not that expensive, but there are still things that every visitor can do to save money when they are there. 

Here are a few money saving tips to utilize when visiting Pompeii:

  • Purchase tickets online to save a little bit of cash and a lot of time.  The queue lines can get rather long and it can take an hour or more to get through them if a person doesn’t purchase their tickets in advance. 
  • Choosing an app tour over a regular tour guide can save visitors quite a bit of money.  There is a free Pompeii app available and while it isn’t exactly the same as a guide, since it won’t answer every single question, it is still a handy tool for those who want to save some money. 
  • Free maps of Pompeii are available at the entrance or visitors can print one from online.  No one should ever pay for a map of the area!
  • Anyone planning on spending time in Naples should purchase an ArteCard to save money.  The initial cost of the card is expensive, but anyone planning to see at least half of what is free with it will save quite a bit of money.  Certain cards only cover a few free sites, while others will cover them all, so everyone should carefully consider which one they want to purchase after determining their needs.  The good news is that most of the sights in Pompeii are included!  Most of the cards also provide free public transportation. 

Pompeii is such a historical and magical destination that everyone needs to see at least once during their lifetime.  While it is not possible to know everything that the locals went through when the volcano erupted, the ruins and the artifacts that have been uncovered share a story that is extraordinary.  All visitors will want to use the above tips and options to see the most of this wonderful place and save money at the same time.