Travel Cheap in Paris, France


Paris is considered the most expensive city in the world and can be extremely costly to travel. With plenty of bars and restaurants, your money can quickly disappear if you have not done the proper planning. But with smart planning and know-how, you can have fun in the city without blowing away your budget. There are plenty of means to enjoy Paris without having to put the burden on your pocket.

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Guide Outline

  1. Paris
  2. Cheap Food
  3. Getting Around
  4. Where to Stay
  5. Practical Tips
  6. Do's and Dont's

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A city like Paris is incredibly expensive since it’s renowned for luxury goods, designer clothes and gourmet cuisine. Seeing the city on a budget presents a few obstacles; however, you don’t need to break the bank to have a good time.  The average daily budget could be anywhere from €40-60 easily.

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Cheap food

Cash-strapped travellers can still eat on a budget by doing some research beforehand such as eating at bakeries instead of restaurants. Most hostels offer a free breakfast which you could conveniently turn into a lunch by packing a few of the leftovers in a bag.

Takeaways like kebabs and fries can cost a few euro as well as ham and cheese crepes from street vendors. If you really want to save money, you can make a super cheap lunch or dinner from a grocery store or even just go to McDonalds.

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Getting around

Paris is a very walkable city and you may only use public transport once or twice. It’s recommended to purchase a pack of 10 tickets and only use them if you need to. Buses and the metro use the same ticket and prices are as follows-

Single one-way ticket: €1,70

Pack of 10 one-way tickets: €13,70 (€1.37/each)

Unlimited Day Pass: €6.80

Paris Visite Pass

1-Day: €10.85

2-Day: €17.65

3-Day: €24.10

5-Day: €34.70

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Where to stay

Budget hostels are small and stuffy and a little expensive, a shared dorm room may cost anywhere from25-€45.

On weekends, prices tend to go up though if you are with another person, it might be worth renting an apartment through Airbnb as it might actually be cheaper or alternatively use Renting an apartment also means that you can utilize a kitchen and save money too.

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Practical tips 

  • Expect to have cigarette smoke hit your face every now and then; the city has a lot of smokers.
  • You might find Parisians rude, especially if you attempt to speak French.
  • Shop at flea markets to save money instead of hitting shopping malls.

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Do’s and Dont’s


  • Do learn to use your “inside voice”. Parisians are quiet in public so talking loud might attract attention and frowns.
  • Do refill your water bottle at any of the city’s water fountains; it’s safe and clean to drink.
  • Do say “bonjour” when engaging with anyone instead of hello; it’s polite and considerate.
  • Do take advantage of the many free museums, concerts and festivals in the city.

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  • Don’t tip needlessly in restaurants, it is considered rude.
  • Don’t fall for street scams; if it seems odd then walk on.

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