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Travel Cheap in Germany

Travel Cheap in Germany


The history, landscape, and nightlife within the country of Germany make it a chosen destination amongst travelers of all ages.  While some people think that travel is expensive, there are many ways to keep the costs down when in this magnificent area of the world.  Once a person arrives in Germany, they will find that they can save money, even when it comes to the delicacies and drinks that they will be devouring at all hours of the day and night. 

Here are a few tips for traveling cheaply in Germany:


The country of Germany can be found in Central Western Europe and there are numerous large cities to be explored there.  The weather is dependent on the part of the country that a person is in, although the summers are warm just about everywhere.  It is only the winter months that bring cold temperatures to certain parts of the country. 

While in this country, travelers will want to visit many of the picturesque cities, stop at some of the phenomenal cathedrals, and soak in the history of their surroundings.  Of course, the best time to visit is during Oktoberfest, but then travelers will want to be cautious of the inflated prices. 

Cheap Food

Everyone will be amazed at how little they will spend on food while visiting Germany, yet they will always find their stomachs satiated.  A simple bratwurst or sausage can be as cheap as €3, while a premade sandwich goes for about €5.  Oftentimes, those sandwiches are served with fries too!  There are plenty of beer halls in Germany, and it is possible for visitors to purchase a beer plus their meal for approximately €15. 

Anyone longing for fresh bread or pastries will find it cheap at any of the local bakeries, which means everyone can have a meal or a snack for less than they think. 

It is also possible for everyone to purchase their own food and prepare it themselves, especially if they are renting a home with a kitchen or staying in a hostel.  Groceries for the week will cost approximately €50. 

Getting Around

One of the most popular ways to get around Germany is the high-speed trains, but everyone must understand that they are quite expensive.  Since many people want to travel around this country cheaply, they are better off taking the city transit system for a cost of €1-€3 per ticket.  There are also times when people can find a cheaper rate on those tickets, usually in the form of a day pass.  Anyone that is staying in Germany for any length of time may even want to consider a weekly or monthly pass, as they will be the most cost effective. 

Everyone will want to make sure that they have their ticket validated as they board, because random checks are completed and if a ticket has not been validated for that trip, a fine is imposed.  The fee for the fine is quite hefty and will negate any savings that have been acquired. 

Those who want to travel without relying on public transportation for everything may find that renting a bicycle for under €20 will fulfill their needs.  There are designated bus lanes, so no one will need to worry about getting hit by a vehicle or inundated with heavy traffic in the vehicle lanes. 

Where to Stay is a great resource when it comes to reserving rooms in Germany, because they offer amazingly low rates.  A hostel room can be reserved for as little as €10 per night, while a hotel room will be approximately €50.  Travelers will often find that each of those options may also include free breakfast in the morning, which is great for those who are trying to travel cheaply. 

Another wonderful option for booking accommodations is checking out Airbnb.  There are numerous house rentals available for as little as €45 per night, which is helpful and cheap for those traveling in groups. 

Practical Tips

  • Take advantage of the free sightseeing tours in the larger cities.
  • Those that need to take a train, or want to, will find that booking their tickets early will save them as much as fifty percent!
  • Most larger cities offer discount city cards – These allow the holders to have unlimited travel on public transportation along with free or discounted entry to many museums and attractions.
  • Discover free entry days at museums to save money.
  • Visit free attractions that include Hamburg Harbor and the Old Town of Munich.
  • Save purchased water bottles when empty, as a fee is paid upon purchase for the bottle.  That fee is returned when the bottle is turned in for recycling.
  • Be prepared for downtime on Sundays when many stores are closed.  These are the perfect days to sit and relax with a book or to go out and explore nature.
  • Learn a little German before the trip, because a few basic phrases will make the trip much easier. 

Do’s and Don’ts 


  • Do remove shoes upon entering a home.
  • Do always be on time, as Germans are very punctual.
  • Do join strangers at a table at a restaurant, as it is a common practice.
  • Do take the host a small gift.  Flowers, chocolate, and a bottle of wine are acceptable choices.


  • Never ask for tap water at a restaurant, as it is a sign of being stingy.
  • Don’t jaywalk, as a fine will be given.
  • Don’t get drunk, in public or in a hotel room.
  • Don’t stand too close or touch any of the locals while speaking with them, as it is considered an invasion of privacy.
  • Don’t eat with anything but a fork and spoon!  The only food allowed to be touched while consumed is bread.
  • Don’t give red roses, white chrysanthemums, carnations, or lilies to anyone, including hosts, as they are either considered romantic choices or funeral flowers.
  • Don’t plan to pay with credit cards all the time.  Most stores do not accept them, so be prepared with cash.


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