Travel Cheap in A Coruna


Guide Outline

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Located in the North-West of Spain, A Coruna is a lesser known city of Spain. It has a strong interesting history which includes Celtic heritage, a failed invasion attempt by the EnglishAdmiral Sir Francis Drake and the World’s oldest working roman lighthouse. During your visit you can explore the beach, walk the promenade, visit museums, a castle and take a day trip to the famous Santiago de Compostela.

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Cheap Food

Galicia has some of the freshest and best food in the World. Many bars give you a free snack when you buy a drink. They also have a long menu of amazing traditional tapas and filling dishes. The most popular tapa’s include Padron peppers, tortilla, patatas bravas and ham croquets. All of which will cost between 1-2€. If you fancy a full meal you can expect to pay between 10-15€ in lovely restaurants along the Marina, around Maria Pita Square and on Rua Galera.

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Getting Around

The city of A Coruna is located on a small peninsula. As a result, every attraction is within walking distance. However, should you wish to rest your feet you can quite easily catch a taxi or jump on a bus. A one-way fare on the bus is 1.30€. If you wish to use the bus regularly, download the free iTranvias app. If provide routes information as well as arrival times.

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Where to Stay

A Coruna has many great hotels all over the city. But for an affordable, excellently located and recently refurbished hotel stay at theRiazor Hotel. Hotel rooms include state of the art technology and high-quality bedding. Plus, views of the Atlantic Ocean, free WI-FI, access to a gym and rooftop deck. For a standard room without Breakfast expect to pay around €65 per night. However, there are specific days that include a 7% discount.

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Practical Tips

The best time to visit is July – September because outside of summer the weather in A Coruna can change quickly. You can be walking the scenic streets and before you know it you are in the middle of a rain storm. So, make sure you have a waterproof jacket or an umbrella with you.

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English in A Coruna is rare and hard to come by, its not major tourist spot so its very traditional. The most spoken languages are Spanish and Gallego. Therefore, it’s a good ideato learn a few useful phrases.

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Visit the Tower of Hercules, on a Monday because it is free! From June 2018 you need to purchase tickets from the office before walking up the hill to the tower.

Check off the following items from your food bucket list – Octopus, Gambas, Tortilla, Serrano Jamón and Pimientos de Padron.

Drink an Estrella Galicia in the old production factory atRua Concepcion Arenal 10. It’s a delicious beer that all the locals love and adore. You can choose from the normal strength beer, the stronger beer called 1906, gluten free, shandy and an alcohol-free beer.

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Explore out of the city. Galicia is a beautiful part of the World. At the very least take the train to Santiago de Compostela. It has a spectacular cathedral and is the finish line for the pilgrimage, Camino de Santiago.

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Don’t plan to eat dinner at your usual time. Dinner in Spain is later than many other countries. Restaurant kitchens start serving dinner from 20:00, sometimes later.

Don’t expect to walk in and get a table. Dining out on Friday and Saturday is a popular activity. The streets, bars and restaurants will be full. Book a table to avoid disappointment.

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Don’t miss your afternoon snack. Spaniards can eat so late because they have a ‘meriendar’ in the late afternoon. Try a pastry from one of the many fresh bakeries.

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