Cheap Summer Vacations

Guide Outline

  1. Fort Myers, Florida
  2. Madrid
  3. Berlin
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Bar Harbor

The summer months bring a plethora of people leaving their homes and traveling to beautiful destinations all over the world.  Since this is a well-known fact, it is no surprise that most of those destinations charge a lot of money, so that the area can make a huge profit.  However, there are a few destinations that do not take advantage of travelers at this time of the year, and everyone will want to choose those areas of the world over any of the others.

Here are 5 fabulously cheap vacation destinations to visit during the summer:

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Fort Myers, Florida

It gets hot down in Florida during the summer months, which is why some people avoid this area at that time.  Those who do venture down to this state usually spend their time in Orlando or down near the Florida Keys, which is why anyone who is looking for a cheaper option will want to choose Fort Myers instead.  There are plenty of free things to do in this city and much of it includes spending a ton of time out in the sun and on the sand.

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The temperatures soar in Madrid, especially during the month of August, but that is the cheapest time to visit.  Anyone who chooses to plan a trip there at that time will want to plan accordingly, as some of the attractions and businesses do close for their holiday at that time of the year.  However, no one will miss any of those places if they do enough research in advance and decide what else they can do instead.

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While many European cities shut down for a good part of the month of August, Berlin stays open for everyone who is smart enough to visit.  Flights and accommodations in this city are quite cheap during the summer, especially during August, yet visitors will find amazing experiences at every turn.  Anyone that plans a trip during that time will want to make sure that they purchase their tickets to the International Beer Festival or the Dance Festival well in advance, so that they do not miss out on the fun.

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This beautiful city can be packed with tourists during the summer months, but July is when everyone will find the cheapest airfare and even cheaper room rates.  Everyone who spends time in the city during the summer will find that they can spend hours and even days strolling along the streets, as they take in the sights and the local culture.  Those who are looking to see the city from a different vantage point will want to take a boat ride down the canals, as the scenery looks much different from the water.  No one will want to miss any of the attractions either, as the lines will be shorter than at any other time of the year.

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Bar Harbor

The weather is Maine is always a little intimidating, as it can change in an instant.  However, during the summer months, it is warm and rain-free most of the time.  Everyone who spends time there will find that they have many options when it comes to things to do to keep themselves busy and most of their options will not cost them a dime.  One of the most popular options includes visiting Acadia National Park, but most visitors will venture over to Frenchman Bay as well.

It is possible for everyone to find a cheap vacation destination during the summer months, especially those who take the time to do a little research first.  The above areas of the world are perfect options to get everyone started and once they have been to each one, they can consider many of the others that are available.

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