Take an Extraordinary Vacation in Denver, Colorado


Guide Outline

  1. Hotels Everyone Must Consider While Visiting Denver
  2. Best Restaurants in Denver
  3. Things to Do in Denver
  4. Helpful Tips for Visiting Denver

Denver used to be a city full of cowboys and those of the wilder west, but nowadays, this destination has changed into one that welcomes people from all areas of the world.  Travelers will find that they can spend their days out in nature on the mountains before returning to the city streets for a pint or two, fabulous cuisine, cultural delights, and much more. 

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Hotels Everyone Must Consider While Visiting Denver

With so much to see and do in this spectacular city, every visitor will need a comfortable place to lay their head at night.  Here are our favorite hotels in Denver:

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Grand Hyatt Denver Downtown

Grand Hyatt

The Grand Hyatt Denver Downtown has a four diamond AAA rating and guests love how this hotel is in the middle of the business district and only a short stroll from the 16th Street Mall.  The spacious rooms offer all the comforts of home and include an office workstation, as well as a seating area.  Everyone will be able to use the complimentary Wi-Fi during their stay, which is perfect for those who need to attend to their business needs or simply update their social media pages.  The fitness center is open twenty-four hours a day, so no one will have an excuse to not stick to their workout routine.  There is also an outdoor jogging track, tennis court, and indoor swimming pool. 

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Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center

Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Regency Denver stands thirty-six stories high and includes eleven hundred guest rooms.  Every room contains mountain range décor, as well as state-of-the-art technology.  Guests will love spending time in the massive fitness center, the indoor lap pool, the outdoor whirlpool, and the Spa Universaire.  This hotel is right next to the convention center and just steps away from the 16th Street Mall.  While there are many nearby restaurants and bars, most guests will prefer to dine at the Former Saint Craft Kitchen and Taps or simply grab a drink from the Peaks Lounge on the twenty-seventh floor. 

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Homewood Suites by Hilton Denver Downtown Convention Center

Homewood Suites

This Homewood Suites hotel can be found right in the heart of Denver, not too far from the busy convention center.  Each room offers all the comforts of home and even includes a full-sized kitchen that will meet every guests’ needs.  Everyone will love the full hot breakfast that is served every morning and is included in the price of their stay. 

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The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa

Brown Palace Hotel

There are a few four-star and four diamond hotels in the Denver area, but the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa is the one that is a favorite amongst rock stars, past presidents, business travelers, and those who simply want a leisurely vacation away from home.  This luxury hotel offers everything that a guest could want or need during their stay.  Everyone can choose from six different dining venues for their meals and each guest will need to take advantage of the spa and the variety of treatments that they offer. 

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Best Restaurants in Denver

While many hotels have on-site dining, travelers will still want to venture out for a little of the local cuisine.  There are many options available on the busy city streets, although some of the best are tucked away out of sight, so a little exploration is necessary for travelers who want to discover them. 

Here are the best restaurants we have found in Denver:

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Broadway Market

Broadway Market

Food halls, or large food markets, have been slowly declining in many areas of the country, but here in Denver, this way of dining is gaining in popularity.  Travelers can simply walk inside and choose what they want to eat from the large variety of dining options.  The food choices are endless and include curry, delectable fried chicken, pizza, kebabs, and much more.  The best part is that there is a beer wall that has twenty-four different taps to choose from. 

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Rye Society

Rye Society

The owner of Rye Society wanted to bring a piece of the Big Apple to the Mile High City with his new restaurant venture and it has far exceeded even his expectations!  While the city’s pastrami gets piled high on many sandwiches throughout each day, many people will also order favorites that include a roasted veggie and quinoa bowl and the infamous rugelach.  Breakfast time is also a hit with the bagels served with many toppings that include lox and cream cheese. 

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Everyone will need a reservation to dine at Beckon, because there are only two, eighteen-seat, meals each night.  Diners will enjoy an intimate dinner that is comprised of eight courses filled with dishes that have American, Scandinavian, and European flavors.  The menu changes every single month, so past guests will find themselves enjoying a new meal almost every time that they visit.  Guests will love venturing outside to the patio for an after-dinner drink or two, as they sit by the fire enjoying the ambiance of the night. 

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Senor Bear

Senor Bear

The owners of this restaurant did their research throughout Mexico and South America before returning to Denver to open this amazing Latin hotspot.  Their dishes are all influenced by what they ate and loved during their journey to this point, although the Puerto Rican chef, Sebastian Ramirez, has helped bring even more flair to this culinary destination. 

Things to Do in Denver

There are so many things to do while visiting Denver and travelers will have a difficult time deciding whether they want to take the time to do the inside attractions when the outside destinations are beckoning to them.  However, everything is worthy of a visit in this city and we have discovered the best of the best right here!

Here are the best things to do in Denver:

Explore History within Larimer Square

Larimer Square

Larimer Square has been around for a long time, but it hasn’t always been known by this name.  Back in 1858, settlers and American Indians settled in this area of the country when they struck gold in the Rockies.  The original pioneer camp was known as Auraria and over time, it changed into the beautiful destination that it is known as today.  There are plenty of restaurants, stores, and nightlife areas in this part of the city, which means that visitors can spend all day and a good portion of their night there as well. 

Shop at 16th Street Mall

16th Street Mall

This Denver shopping area is a mile long and many people go there to people watch in between trips into the stores.  It is usually best to spend time in this area during the day, as the nighttime brings a heavy police presence that is there to keep the peace.  This is an excellent place to grab a few souvenirs, as well as get a little rest while riding on the free shuttle bus. 

Visit the Animals at the Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo

This zoo is not a typical zoo, as it was modeled after some of the best Kenyan nature preserves.  More than four thousand animals live at the zoo, and while visitors usually cannot see them all, many will take the time to at least see the kangaroos, tigers, black rhinos, and the orangutans.  Travelers will want to time their visit for when the animals are being fed, as the animals are more active then and keepers offer little lectures about each animal that they are with. 

Visit the Molly Brown House

Molly Brown House

This house is where the heroine from the Titanic lived for part of her life and it has been carefully preserved for people to see everything that was important to her.  After all, she was a woman’s rights activist, as well as the heiress to a prominent family who lived in the city. 

Take a Denver Story Trek

Denver Story Trek

These treks are all self-guided walking tours that will share many popular landmarks and neighborhoods with those who take them.  Each tour has a theme and the complete audio files of each one is available on Denver Story Trek’s website.

Relax in City Park

City Park

This large urban park offers spectacular views of the city’s skyline and the mountains that lie right behind it.  There are numerous spots where visitors can sit and relax, but a few may want to wander around the pathways, as they enjoy the tranquility of this space. 

Hike Inside the Brainard Lake Recreation Area

Brainard Lake

There are multiple hiking trails at this natural area of the city, although it is normally only open from the middle of June through the middle of October each year.  Those visitors who are not keen on hiking will want to stick with the trails that wind around Brainard Lake and Long Lake.  Anyone who is ready for a challenge will want to head up the trail that is just past Lake Isabelle, because that is where they will eventually find the South St. Vrain River as it meets the Isabelle Glacier. 

Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

This national park contains more than four hundred square miles of beautiful and lush green spaces and high peaks.  Travelers will find that they will need to travel approximately ninety minutes from the city to reach this area, but it is worth the journey.  The most popular trails include Trail Ridge Road, Longs Peak, and Lawn Lake Trail. 

Visit the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum

Rockies Air and Space Museum

Airplane lovers will fall in love with everything that they can see at this museum, while those who simply tolerate aircrafts will still have a wonderful time.  This museum is inside what used to be an Air Force hangar during the 1930s and there are numerous planes and space vehicles inside the one hundred and fifty thousand square feet of space.  A few of the more popular pieces on exhibit include a B-18A Bolo, and Alexander Eaglerock, and a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter.  Guests are encouraged to try out some of the apparatus included in the exhibits, which means that everyone will return home a little more knowledgeable in this field. 

Learn About Money at the United States Mint

United States Mint

The United States Mint started creating coins in Denver during 1906, despite being built back in 1897.  This mint is still operational and continues to produce coins for circulation.  Tours are free, but they are done on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Every guest will find themselves enthralled as they watch the coins being made before stopping in the gift shop at the end for some souvenirs. 

Helpful Tips for Visiting Denver

There are many ways to save money while in Denver, as well as many other helpful tips that travelers should be aware of before their visit. 

Here are our favorites:

Purchase a Mile High Culture Pass

The Mile High Culture Pass will allow anyone to receive discounted admission to many Denver attractions.  This pass is good for three days, or seventy-two hours, after it is activated.  The attractions that are included within this pass are the Molly Brown House Museum, Byers-Evans House Museum, Denver Art Museum, Denver Zoo, Denver Botanic Gardens, History Colorado Center, and more.  It is important to note that many of the museums are closed on Mondays, so travelers may want to activate their pass on Tuesday instead. 

How to Adjust to the High Altitude

Denver is one of the highest cities in the country, which means that everyone needs to get used to the higher altitude as soon as they arrive.  Travelers need to make sure that they are drinking more water and less alcohol, as well as eating foods that are high in potassium.  Visitors may also want to tone down their workouts, as the effects of exercise are much more intense at these higher altitudes. 

Dress Appropriately

Denver is one of the few places that can see all four seasons in just one day.  That means that visitors will need to be prepared to dress appropriately during their time in the city.  Everyone may start the day in multiple layers, before removing some for a few hours and then putting them all back on. 

Travelers will find that they will experience so many things during their visit to Denver and that they can easily spend just as much time indoors, as they do outside.  However, most people will want to spend most of their time outdoors, as the natural beauty of the area begs to be explored.