San Sebastian, Spain


Guide Outline

  1. Affordable Accommodation in San Sebastian
  2. Cheap Places to Eat
  3. San Sebastian’s Top Attractions
  4. Do's
  5. Don’ts

The seaside town of San Sebastian lies on the Northern coast of Spain. It is only 51 miles from Pamplona, making it a great day or weekend trip. Other major cities nearby include Bilbao (63 miles) which has the closest international airport and Santander (123 miles).

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Affordable Accommodation in San Sebastian


San Sebastian is a picturesque location, with a gorgeous beach. The ideal accommodation will include a sea view, or at least be within walking distance to said beach.

A city centre hotel in the summer season will cost anything from, €140 per night. However, the modern Hotel Ibiltze, costs around €115 per night for 2 people. It is 6km from the city centre and has excellent public transport links nearby.In addition, your room will have a modern ensuite bathroom and a terrace that overlooks the city.

For cheaper options check out Air BnB, as private apartments range from $65-$100 a night.

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Cheap Places to Eat


In a coastal town or city in Spain, seafood is always a local favourite. In San Sebastian, select anything with fish, octopus, crab or prawns and you’ll be delighted with what you receive. Also, it’s worth noting that tapas are referred to as Pintxos in San Sebastian, like in Pamplona. These small traditional treatsare served to a very high standard, so order a couple of them, as they are is filling and delicious.

For an evening sit down meal less than €20, visit TedoneJatetxea, Bar Sport or Bully.

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San Sebastian’s Top Attractions

Bay beach island

Aside from relaxing on La Concha beach, you can enjoy the outdoor life of San Sebastian by visiting the Monte Urgull, for great views, old ruins and nature. Also, ParqueAiete is a fantastic place to spend the afternoon. See how may turtles you can count in the great pond.

One thing that you absolutely must do is visit the Old Town. Here you can explore the narrow streets which lead to the Basilica of St Mary of the Chorus and St Vincent's Church, the oldest church in the city. But start your exploration at the Plaza de la Constitución, one of the most famous squares and is situated in the heart of the city and is home to the Town Hall.

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Do check the blackboard menu’s within the bar as these are the extra special treats, which are usually served hot. 

If you are a fussy eater or a have special dietary requirements, it can be a good idea to learn a few food related words so you can explain what foods you need to avoid. For example, if you cannot eat gluten, you’ll say ‘quiero sin gluten’ which means ‘I want it, without gluten.’

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When you are hungry, don’t take a seat in a restaurant to fill up. San Sebastian has a huge array of bars and restaurants that offer top quality pintxos. So, explore the streets and don’t stay in just one place.

Don’t worry about paying the bill immediately. Your waitor/ress will keep track of your order and start a tab. When you are ready to leave, flag them down to ask for the bill (la cuenta) and they’ll bring it to you.

Don’t leave without trying the fruity drink, Txakoli, which is made up of fruit juices and sparkling white wine. Also, you absolutely must order cider. Not necessarily because you like it but to experience how it is served.

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