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Free Travel Apps For Women

Free Travel Apps For Women

Our daily lives have been hugely impacted by technology and nowhere is it more evident than when we look at the travel industry. From booking flights to booking accommodation we are using technology in a big way. This has led to the introduction of apps that help travelers in a number of ways. Here is a look at the best free travel apps for the female traveler.

Tourlina Click Here for App

This first app on our list is entirely devoted to the female traveler, from any part of the world. All you need to do to use this app is enter your trip details and then the app throws out a wide range of travel companions with mutual interests. Next, you can chat with people and plan your next adventure with them. However, this is not a dating app but is only meant for friendships. It also comes in handy when traveling alone, to find a buddy, advise and support from others.

Sit or Squat Click Here for App

There is no telling when nature calls. If you are in a city with which you are unfamiliar it can become a real problem finding the nearest convenience. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about this because if you use Sit or Squat, it will list almost 100,000 bathrooms in every corner of the world. You can rate this app as either a SIT which translates to thumbs up or you can give it a Squat which means the app was only so-so.

Pack Point Click Here for App

Our third app is Pack Point, which is really well suited to the needs of the female traveler. It generates a packing list based on the information you provide regarding your trip. All you need to do is inform the app about your gender and your destination and what activities you plan on doing. After that, it will suggest what clothing you need and also what essentials you need to pack.

Safety Map Worldwide Click Here for App

This is a wonderful app for female travelers and it promotes safety. It features maps from almost every part of the world and it then tells you what it thinks are the safest routes. In addition, this app also provides advice regarding the best districts to travel or stay in. Best of all, it shows you how to avoid areas that are very crime prone. If you don’t know where to stay, then this app can provide all the useful information to help you make the right choices. No longer will you accidentally stay in or walk into the rougher parts of a city.

Sygic Travel Click Here for App

This is another great app that every woman needs when they travel. It displays the most attractive tourist attractions and it also shows you where museums and restaurants are located. It also shows you where to shop and more. If you want to discover a hidden gem in a city, then this is the app that is going to show you what you need to know.

You may also want to think about downloading offline maps and guides to help you get around in a city, even when you are offline. The best part about these types of apps is they automatically calculate the distance and length of time to get from different attractions.

Which one of the five mentioned travel apps will be most useful for your next big traveling adventure? If you use other travel apps that help and improve your traveling experience, please share them with us. Together, we can share useful information to make traveling even better.


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