Enjoy a Fabulous Vacation in Dallas


Guide Outline

  1. Hotels in Dallas
  2. Restaurants in Dallas
  3. Things to Do in Dallas
  4. Do’s and Don’ts While Visiting Dallas

Legends are everywhere in Dallas, as is history and cultural symbols.  Travelers will find themselves exploring it all, as they wander the streets and see the numerous attractions.  The best part is that there are a few unique attractions and destinations around Dallas that visitors will not be able to see anywhere else in the world. 

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Hotels in Dallas

There are quite a few hotels that travelers can stay in when visiting Dallas, but some of them are definitely better than all the rest.  Here are our favorites when it comes to vacationing in this city.

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Magnolia Hotel Dallas Park Cities

Magnolia Hotel

This luxurious hotel can be found near the heart of the city, so that guests can easily reach many popular attractions.  Everyone who stays at this hotel will find their every need and want met by the extraordinary staff.  The comfortable rooms allow guests to relax while using free Wi-Fi and if a quick trip within three miles is necessary, they can take advantage of the local transportation that is provided by this hotel.

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Omni Dallas Hotel

Omni Dallas

The Omni Dallas Hotel can also be found within the center of the downtown area and guests will love how the Bishop Arts District, the Dallas Arts District, and Uptown can be reached within minutes.  Many guests will want to take full advantage of the full-service spa before venturing out to the terrace pool deck to relax even more.  There are seven restaurants at this hotel, which means that guests can easily find the cuisine that they are craving during their stay. 

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Grand Hyatt DFW

Grand Hyatt DFW

This hotel is conveniently located within terminal D at the DFW Airport and guests can easily reach it from any of the airport’s terminals.  There are almost three hundred luxurious rooms at this hotel, so there is plenty of space for those who are traveling to Dallas.  Each guest room offers all the comforts of home and travelers can relax in them in between their business meetings and pleasure adventures. 

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Hotel ZaZa Dallas

Hotel Zaza

This luxurious boutique hotel can be found within the Uptown area of Dallas and guests will love staying inside one of their concept suites.  Travelers can spend time at the day spa in between their business meetings or time out exploring the city and the fine dining options will have everyone craving more.  The best part is that this hotel offers plenty of vacation packages, so every traveler can find the deal that works best for their needs. 

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Restaurants in Dallas

Grabbing a bite to eat in Dallas has gotten easier over the years with new restaurants popping up every single month.  It is never easy to narrow down the options, but here are the restaurants that we have fallen in love with.

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Zoli’s NY Pizza

Zolis NY Pizza

Many people only order the fabulous New York style pizza slices when they walk through the door of this restaurant, but the menu offers so much more.  While a round or square pie is definitely a must, visitors should also try their carbonara and thick juicy burgers.

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Cattleack Barbecue

Cattleack Barbeque

This barbecue haven is only open two days a week, for a few hours each day, so visitors will want to be prepared to stand in line before getting to chow down on this popular ‘cue!  Cattleack Barbecue opens at ten thirty Thursday morning and closes promptly at two in the afternoon and the hours are the same on Fridays.  The menu is filled with barbecue delights that include juicy brisket, beef ribs, and sausages.  The Toddfather is the largest sandwich on the menu and it is filled with three different types of smoked meat and topped with creamy coleslaw.

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TJ’s Seafood Market

Tjs Seafood Market

It is all about the seafood at TJ’s and travelers will want to hit up this spot whenever they are craving fish and other seafood in Dallas.  The best time to grab the fish tacos is during happy hour and the lobster roll drenched with butter can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. 

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Keller’s Drive-In

Kellers Drive In

There are plenty of burgers to order in Dallas, but the favorites come from Keller’s Drive-In.  The burgers may be paper thin, but they are full of flavor that includes delicious bites of the poppy seed bun.  Visitors are encouraged to pair their burger with the onion rings and a thick milkshake.  The food is reasonably priced, with no item more than five dollars.  However, this car-hop only takes cash, so diners should have some on hand or be prepared to use the on-site ATM.

Mockingbird Diner

Mockingbird Diner

Everyone that travels needs to try to find an amazing diner when they are away from home and Mockingbird Diner does not disappoint.  They have lots of comfort foods on their menu and the enchiladas topped with chili, chicken fried steak, and beef tips are diner favorites. 

Parigi Restaurant

Parigi Restaurant

This was the very first farm to table restaurant within the city of Dallas and it has been open for more than two decades now.  There is plenty of French cuisine on the menu, but favorite dishes include the sugar drop scallops served in a mushroom mornay sauce and the roasted chicken with brie mashed potatoes. 

Jimmy’s Food Store

Jimmy Food Store

This is not a regular restaurant, but someone forgot to tell the swarms of people that arrive at the counter every day for lunch.  There are plenty of sandwiches to choose from, but the Cuban and Italian Stallion are the most popular.  Visitors should make sure to grab a good glass of Italian wine at a decent price to drink while eating their sandwich. 

Things to Do in Dallas

With so much to do in Dallas, some visitors will feel a little overwhelmed as they are planning their itinerary.  However, a little research and following our tips of places to visit below will have every traveler having an amazing time when they are in this city.  Here are our favorite things to do while in Dallas.

Visit the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

There are sixty-six acres to explore at this Dallas attraction, which means that visitors will need to spend days there to see it all.  The best part about these gardens is that there is plenty to capture a child’s attention, so parents will not need to worry about their child getting bored during a short visit.  Everyone will want to visit the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, even if they do not have children with them. 

Visit the Sixth Floor Museum and Texas School Book Depository

Sixth Floor Museum

This is one of the must-see sights in Dallas, as it is filled with documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his legacy.  Every visitor will be given a self-guided audio tour, so that they can walk around and learn as much as possible about this tragic day in history and much of the President’s life.  During the tour, visitors can stand at the corner window where Lee Harvey Oswald stood to shoot the President. 

Take a Stroll Around Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park

This park is in an unusual location, because it sits above the Woodall Rodgers Freeway.  The park has just over five acres and it is filled with multiple restaurants and food trucks.  Visitors can spend some time at the putting green before venturing over to the chess and ping pong area.  Children will fall in love with the storytelling tree and there are plenty of events held in the park throughout the year.

Catch a Game at American Airlines Center

American Airlines Center

Those travelers who are in Dallas during hockey or basketball season will want to try to catch a game at American Airlines Center.  This arena is also used for concerts and other events, so everyone should find something going on during their stay.  Plus, if any travelers are in the area during football season, they can watch the Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium. 

Visit the Texas Theatre for a History Lesson and a Movie

Texas Theatre

This theater is where Lee Harvey Oswald hid after shooting President Kennedy and it was ultimately where he was found and captured by police.  The theater has been restored to how it was back then, and travelers can either watch a movie or attend a special event there when they are in town. 

See the Views from the Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower is five hundred and sixty-one feet tall and it offers some amazing views of the surrounding city.  Visitors are encouraged to go out to the platform, where they can see panoramic views as the platform rotates.  Those who are ready to eat may also want to consider dining at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant, which is located at the top of the tower.

Visit Pioneer Plaza to See the Cattle Drive Sculptures

Pioneer Plaza

There are plenty of life-sized sculptures of the Dallas cattle drive scattered around Pioneer Plaza and visitors of all ages will want to see them all.  Most of the sculptures are of large longhorn cattle, trail drivers, and horseback roping cowboys. 

Stop into Highland Park Village

Highland Park Village

Highland Park Village is one of the most upscale locations within the city of Dallas and everyone must stop over there when they are in the area.  The shopping mall is filled with upscale stores that include Chanel, Hermes, Alexander McQueen, and many other designer shops.  This is not a place where the budget-minded can shop easily, but it is fun to wander around and dream.

Wander Along the Katy Trail

Katy Trail

The Katy Trail follows the same route that the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad took many years ago and it is where people of all ages can now be seen walking, running, biking, and even skating.  There are separate paths for different activities so no one will need to worry about being trampled when they are simply walking around at a snail’s pace, enjoying the views.  The best part is that there are numerous restaurants near this trail, so travelers can find something to eat and drink in between their adventures. 

Visit the Old Red Museum

Old Red Museum

Out of all the museums in Dallas, the Old Red Museum is one of the few that should be on everyone’s list.  The museum was once a courthouse and it was constructed back in 1890 out of red sandstone.  Inside, there are artifacts from prehistoric times all the way to the current day and children will find themselves most fascinated with the shark teeth and the mammoth tusk.  Adults will probably prefer the sporting memorabilia, as well as the Stetson that J.R. Ewing wore on Dallas and the handcuffs that were placed on the wrists of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Visit the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

George W. Bush’s presidency is laid out in intricate detail at this presidential library and museum and as visitors walk through, they will see so many things that they knew nothing about.  There is a replica of the White House, which shares where this President was when he made many of his decisions.  There are lighter notes of his presidency as well and they include the tableware that was used during his presidency and a few of the gowns that the First Lady wore during that time. 

Do’s and Don’ts While Visiting Dallas

There are always certain things that travelers should and shouldn’t do when they are visiting different parts of the world and we have found the best of them for Dallas.

  • DO some research to ensure that a hotel is near where everything on an itinerary is.
  • DO some of the more touristy things, as they are definitely not-miss items in this city that everyone must see at least once in their lifetime.
  • DON’T follow the stereotype, as this city is much more than cowboy boots and football. 
  • DON’T stay in one place.  Instead switch hotels a couple times to see more of what this city has to offer.

Travelers will have a phenomenal time when they take the time to explore and appreciate everything in the city of Dallas.  Days and nights will be filled with different activities and some visitors will feel as if they cannot take the time to sleep, let alone relax and do nothing while they are there.  However, there is time to see it all if a person carefully plans their time and schedules plenty of downtime as well.