Cheap Travel to Zaragoza, Spain


Guide Outline

  1. How to get to Zaragoza
  2. Where to stay in Zaragoza, Spain
  3. Top Attractions of visit in Zaragoza
  4. Places to Eat in Zaragoza
  5. Do’s
  6. Don’ts

Within the northeast of Spain in the region of Aragon is a large city called Zaragoza it’s the fifth largest city in Spain. For some unknown reason, it is not as famous as many other parts of Spain like Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Barcelona, which are all larger. But it is equally as stunning, plus Zaragoza keeps its rich history and culture at the forefront of daily life. If you want an authentic Spanish experience visiting the lesser known parts of the country, need to be explored as well.

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How to get to Zaragoza

Located between Bilbao and Barcelona, Zaragoza is an accessible city to reach. From the airport, you can take a short 10km taxi ride or catch the bus for €1.85. From Monday to Saturday a bus leaves every 30 minutes from 06:15 to 23:15. If you choose to hire a car, there are two rental companies within the terminal. They are Hertz and OK Rent a Car.

You can fly to Zaragoza from London, Brussels, Munich, Milan, Venice, Bucharest, Paris, and Madrid. If you are coming in by train, then you’ll need to arrive via from Barcelona or Madrid.

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Where to stay in Zaragoza, Spain

Like many major cities to find cheaper accommodation you’ll need to stay a little out of the city center. The IBIS Budget Zaragoza is a 20-minute walk to the old town and costs €45 a night. Hotel Tibur is also a good choice. You can book a double room in this 3-star hotel, for €55-€70 a night. This fee includes breakfast and is situated only 550m from the city center.

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Top Attractions of visit in Zaragoza

As the capital of the region, it’s home to a lot of magnificent monuments, palaces and houses, perfect for visiting and discovering more about the Spanish city. Top attractions include the Moorish Aljafería Palace, the grand Museo de Zaragoza and the ornate Casa Solans.

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Places to Eat in Zaragoza

Start your day with a hearty helping of chocolate and churros, a traditional Spanish breakfast. Order a plate of the best churros in town at ChurreriaLa Fama. If you’re not sure what churros are, they are deep fried doughnuts in the shape of a stick and they are served with thick hot chocolate, perfect for dipping. If you visit in winter, it is also a tasty snack in the evening.

When you fancy tapas, choose between the following restaurants and bars - Casa Lac, El Angel del Pincho and Meli Melo.

One of the “it” foods to try in Zaragoza is cheese. They have a vast selection made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. The most famed cheese is Tronchon, which gets a mention in Don Quixote, Spain’s most famous novel.

Other dishes to try are Ternasco - roasted/BBQ baby lamb, Chilindron - chicken cooked in a tomato, pepper and onion sauce and Migas - pan-fried bread crumbs with onion, garlic and chorizo, served with grapes. For these kinds of meals visit a restaurant like Restaurante Baobab and La Migueria.

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Do spend some time chilling out at the bar. Spain is a social country and many don’t like to sit at tables. So, to be more like a local occasionally sit at the bar.

Do schedule some “free time” into your itinerary. If you stick to a tight schedule, you’ll miss out on the ambiance and natural flow of the city. Spend some free time wandering the streets, who knows what hidden gems you may find.

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Do not’s

Don’t expect to have an early dinner. Restaurants usually open at 8:30 p.m. So, have a late afternoon snack to keep you going.

Don’t discuss regionalism, many people in communities like Barque country, Galicia and Cataluña are proud of their roots and this can be a sensitive subject. You don’t want to get off on the wrong foot.

Don’t expect to see flamenco dancing in Zaragoza. Flamenco is famous in the south of Spain, not the North, and the same can be said for bullfighting.

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