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The small city of Vigo in the vast region of Galicia is famous for its greenery and seafood. Vigo is known for its exquisite mussels and oysters. So, make sure you visit the fish market in the old town to purchase some of the freshest seafood in the World.

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How to get to Vigo

The two best ways to get to Vigo will involve a plane to enter Spain and then a train or a car, which do you prefer?

1)    Fly to A Coruna or Santiago de Compostela airport, as they are in Galicia. From here you can take a train, which will take less than 90 minutes, or hire a car. The autopista aka motorway will take appropriately 2 hours. Spanish motorways have tolls and prices can range from €1 to €10.

2)    Visit Vigo from Madrid. Explore the North West of Spain, by hiring a car and having an epic road trip. If this sounds fun, we suggest:

Madrid – Salamanca – Porto, Portugal – Vigo – Ourense – Madrid (813 miles/1308km)

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Where to stay in Vigo, Spain

Vigo has some great budget hotels, such as Eurostars Mar de Vigo and Hotel Sercotel Tres Luces. Prices range from €49-€79 per night, depending on offers and season.

For a cute and cozy apartment in the city center, which is great for visiting local attractions and keep your spending down with self-catering, look to Air BnB. There are some homes available for as little as €40 per night, but generally, expect to pay €80 per night.

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Top Attractions of visit in Vigo

Vigo is primarily a beach town and is excellent for relaxation. However, there are a couple of historical sites worth visiting. The best one is the Castro Fortress, built in 1665 as protection against the frequent attacks from the British Navy. Walk to the top and enjoy the incredible views and then explore the ruins of Parque Monte del Castro. Another great site is La Colegiata, aka the Church of Santa Maria.

Also, add a trip to the old town and the Museum of Contemporary Art to your itinerary, as together they provide a rounded experience of Vigo's past and present.

But, the number one attraction of the city is the 'Islas Cies.' They are a small group of islands that can be reached within 45-minutes via boat. The two operating ferry services are the Naviera Nabia service, (5 times per day) and the Mar de Ons service (9 times per week).

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Places to Eat in Vigo

A significant highlight when visiting Vigo is the food! Galician cuisine is famous throughout Spain and when you visit Vigo, you can enjoy it. It mainly consists of fresh seafood and meats.

For a tasty dinner, reserve a table at Restaurant Don Quijote (Rua da Laxe 4, 36202, Vigo), named after the 'best book ever written' according to many. We suggest ordering the MerluzaGallega, which is hake in a rich, creamy sauce with roasted vegetables.

For other great choices, see where the locals go! If it's a busy café or restaurant, it'll be tasty. If it's empty, stay clear of it.

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Book your ferry ticket to the Islas Cies in advance. Visiting these islands is a very popular and top-rated attraction, especially in the school summer holidays. In fact, during August, it may feel a little overcrowded, so be warned.

Do explore the city on foot as there are a few monuments and statues for you to admire, like MonumentoaoTrabalho on Avenida Gran Via.

Do take note of the times you eat because dinner isn't usually served until about 8 p.m. So, don't eat lunch to early or remember to carry a snack in case you get peckish in the late afternoon.

Alternatively, have a tapas, like a plate of serrano ham and cheese with bread. 

Do visit Vigo with an open mind and don't generalize Spain because I assure you each city is quite different.

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Do not's

Don't try to walk up to and around Parque Monte del Castro without being prepared for a steep climb. But the views are worth the challenge. So, Wear Comfy Shoes!

Never go straight from the beach to the bar. You must always cover up before stepping foot on the street. So, no walking around in a bikini or board shorts without a t-shirt.

Don't be surprised if you hear loud conversations. There is no need to assume that two loud people are arguing. Spanish people generally have more intense and passionate discussions, which native English speakers may think is aggressive.

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