Cheap Travel to Cadiz, Spain


Guide Outline

  1. Best time to visit
  2. How to get to Cadiz
  3. Where to stay in Cadiz, Spain
  4. Top Attractions in Cadiz
  5. Places to Eat in Cadiz
  6. Do’s
  7. Don’ts

It is hard to explain and describe the spirit of Cadiz, as its strong essence needs to be experienced first-hand. It is deemed one of the oldest settlements in Europe and with that comes a tremendous romantic history. The romance can first be experienced when you enter the city center, which has a fantastic water feature surrounding it and charming narrow streets, which are filled with smiling local faces, friendly taverns and electricity in the air. 

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Best time to visit

Do plan to visit in May or October as the weather is at a manageable level in terms of heat and also these are quieter months compared to the high season of June – September.

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How to get to Cadiz

Cadiz is a port city located in the southwest of Spain, and it doesn't have a dedicated airport. The closest airport is Jerez Airport 45km away, but thankfully this is an international airport. As well as Madrid, Barcelona and other major Spanish city's, you can fly directly to Jerez from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Jerez to Cadiz is 20 miles, roughly a 30-minute drive. You can hire a car for your trip, hire a taxi for €45 or take the train, and one-way journeys start from €6.05. What is your preferred method of transportation?

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Where to stay in Cadiz, Spain

To enjoy Cadiz to the max, we suggest staying on the coast, close to the city center. If that sounds good to you, check out Hotel La Catedral (€88/night) and AlquimiaAlbergue Hotel (€60/night)

If you are traveling as a family, then stay at the ApartamentoCompleto Cardoso II Centro Histórico, as it sleeps four people and costs €95 a night.

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Top Attractions in Cadiz

The unmissable attractions are the Catedral de Cadiz, Museo de Cadiz and the Puerta de Tierra aka 'Land Gate.' This 'Land Gate' is an 18th century fortified gate within the old town, here you can discover how the city's protection evolved, including the reinforced walls and lookouts.

For some beach fun and relaxation visit Playa de la Caleta or Playa de la Victoria.

To imagine life in Cadiz in the 1st century BC, visit the outdoor architectural site Teatro Romano. It is within walking distance of Iglesia de Santa Cruz, (Church of Santa Cruz) another great attraction of Cadiz.

You can see all the attractions with a tour guide so that you hear the unique stories as well as its history. Booking a bike tour is a great way to explore the city if you only have a day or two in Cadiz. 'Cadizfornia Tours' offers a €25 tour, in English, which departs practically every day at 10:30 am.

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Places to Eat in Cadiz

Restaurants in Cadiz focus on Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines, which do differ slightly. The menu of Cadiz has a mixture of tastes which has been heavily influenced by its history.  Expect flavors influenced by the previous residents - Phoenicians, Romans and the Moorish. To experience some tasty traditional dishes at an affordable price visit Restaurante Café Royalty, El Sljibe and La Calle del Libre Albedrio.

When in Cadiz try at least one of the following - Pescadito Frito: deep fried fish, Abaja de Pescado: a fish stew made from local ingredients, Cazonen adobo: marinated dogfish or Caldillo de Peros: fish braised in orange sauce.

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Do pack sunscreen, whenever you visit. Generally, speaking Cadiz is a hot city which has many hours of sunshine, which is excellent. However, if you have fair skin, you may get sunburnt even during the colder months of December and January.

Do explore the surrounding cities. Jerez, Tarifa, Vejer de la Frontera and Sanlucar de Barrameda are within the province of Cadiz.

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Do not's

Cadiz is a walkable city, but don't be afraid to flag down a taxi, especially if you are traveling from the old town to the new town. Many taxi drivers speak English, but just in case have your destination address written down. The address can then be shown to the driver upon entering the car.

 Finally, don't go home without trying some of the local sherry. The north of Cadiz has the nickname 'sherry triangle.' According to What Cadiz 'there are four types of sherry: amontillado (darker in color, rich body and dry), fino (very dry and very pale), oloroso (full-bodied, golden in color, medium dry and fragrant) and dulce (sweet).'

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