Must Have Free Travel Apps

Trips away, for business or pleasure, can be exciting, memory creating, cultural and sometimes relaxing experiences. But, it can be difficult to stay organised and to remember vital information, whether you are travelling near or far.

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Guide Outline

  1. Evernote
  2. TripIt
  3. App in the Air
  4. Grab
  5. Cool Cousin
  6. Turo
  7. Geosure
  8. Google Translate

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We have created a list of incredibly helpful apps that will help keep you organised throughout your travelling adventure, wherever you are going. Using these travel apps, should be a stress saver, money saver and/or a time saver.

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The first app is Evernote. This is a great app for jotting down your ideas and writing your tasks, so that you don’t miss a step or forget something. It syncs with an account online, so it can be accessed from anywhere. Amazing!

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This is an incredible organisational app that you send your confirmation emails to and organising everything into a tidy and easy to read itinerary. TripIt provides you with a timeline of events, so you always know when and where you need to be. You can share your itinerary with others, access it offline and it syncs up with multiple calendar applications like AppleiCal, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

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If you are going on a long trip, try TripIt Pro, which is $49 a year, but is free for a 30-day trial. The additional features include flight delay alerts, updates for a better inflight seat and access to LoungeBuddy, adding a touch of luxury to your airport wait.

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App in the Air

This smart free app keeps track of your itinerary, frequent flier miles and boarding passes. App in the Air’sspecial feature is that it tracks flights, boarding, check-in and security times so you know exactly how long everything will take. You’ll never be too early or late again.

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When you need to pick up someone from the airport it can inform you when to arrive based on any flight delays. It also has a section for traveller’s comment section. You’ll get the inside scoop on the best places to charge your phone, the cleanest toilets and the best coffee shops for a tasty caffeine supplement.

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For passengers who like to eat in the airport, download the app Grab. Not only does it inform you about more than 200 eateries in 18 airports in the USA, but it now is available in 6 British airports. It also allows you to preorder your food, so that when you arrive you can walk straight in and “grab” it.

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Cool Cousin

If you don’t like following guidebooks and seeing all the things the next person wants to see, try Cool Cousin. This app shows you the off the beaten track activities that are suggested by locals and seasoned travellers. It currently exists in major cities like Miami, Tel Aviv and Sydney. But it is always planning to launch a new location.

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The Air BnB of cars! If you want to rent out your car to tourists or want to give your car rental money to a person instead of a faceless company, try Turo. It is currently only available in the USA and Canada, but aren’t these two of the best countries for a roadtrip?

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If you are a traveller who worries about safety, or a parent who has a child away from home, then Geosure is the app for you. This free app compiles information from news and online sources to provide up to date safety and security data.  Find out about crimes in the major cities across the World, along with health threats, likelihood of physical harm and theft, Plus more.

Google Translate

If you are travelling to countries that don’t speak your language, then Google Translate could be a great app for you. It has hundreds of languages available and can also work offline. 

With so many travel related apps to choose from, start with these gems. If they don’t work for you, no bother, simply delete and experiment with something that does. But these are all great apps, so hopefully they will be able to offer something beneficial towards your travel experience.