Travel Cheap in Winter

Guide Outline

  1. The Florida Keys
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Cambodia
  4. Stockholm
  5. Rome
  6. Auckland

Winter is a popular time for travel, as many people are either trying to escape the cold or they are wanting to go where there is much more snow than what they can find where they live.  Unfortunately, that means that many of the popular destinations at that time of the year are pricey and sometimes do not fit within a reasonable budget.  However, there are a few places that everyone will love visiting and the cost is cheaper than anyone can imagine. 

Here are 6 cheap destinations where everyone can have an amazing vacation this winter:

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The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys can be expensive at any time of the year, but anyone that wants to experience the atmosphere down there can find reasonably priced hotels and resorts in the northern areas, especially in Marathon and Islamorada.  Everyone can spend their days, and nights, on the sand, in the swimming pool, or participating in water sports in the ocean.  The sunsets are spectacular in this area of the country, so visitors will want to take the time to see one from start to finish at least once when they are there.

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Costa Rica

Airfare to Costa Rica can be very expensive during the spring, summer, and fall, but those prices drop significantly during the winter months.  In fact, travelers will find that they can pay less for a flight to Costa Rica then they would for a flight to any of the Caribbean Islands.  The hotels in Costa Rica are much cheaper during the winter as well, so everyone can choose the one with the most amenities and still not pay more than they want to.  Those who visit this area during the winter will love the fact that it is the dry season, as it will allow them to fully appreciate the whale watching, the baby sea turtles, bird watching, and the surfing. 

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The weather in Cambodia during the winter is usually best during the months of December and January, so travelers will want to focus on a vacation there in those months for the best experience.  The cost for airfare and hotels is much cheaper at that time of the year, which makes it perfect for everyone who would prefer to spend their money making memories instead of having no money left once they arrive.

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Transatlantic flights are less expensive during the winter months, especially to areas like Stockholm.  Travelers can add to their savings with the cheaper hotel rooms too.  The days may be shorter in Stockholm in the winter, but everyone who goes there will be thrilled that they can see the Northern Lights firsthand.  It is recommended that people travel to the country for those spectacular lights, but they can be seen in the city on a few occasions.

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Travelers seem to shy away from this popular city during the winter months, which is a shame, but it does work well for those who take the time to take advantage of the cheaper rates that are available.  Everyone will enjoy the fact that the crowds are smaller, as it means that it is easier to capture a reservation at some of the more popular restaurants.  Plus, there is less of a wait at all the attractions.

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There is never cheap airfare to Auckland, or any other area in New Zealand or Australia, however, once visitors arrive, they can take advantage of the numerous free things to do in the area.  The best part is that this region of the world is experiencing summer weather at this time of the year, which means that the temperatures are higher and there is plenty of sun shining and making everything beautiful.

These are some of the best destinations to visit during the winter months and everyone will find that they can save a lot of money while vacationing there without forgoing the experience of a lifetime.

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