The Antamedia Hotspot Software, Café Software, Hotel PMS integration

The Antamedia Hotspot Software is a professional, WiFi Hotspot management software based on Windows. It helps control internet access and supports pay-per-usage billing, making it the perfect companion for internet cafes and hotels alike.


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A Solution For Every WiFi

Founded in 2001, Antamedia creates specialist internet software for organizations of all sizes and stature.

4 top uses of antamedia wifi software

Promotes control over internet allowance and usage in your enterprise.

Redirect customers to the login page, ask them to sign up, or provide free internet – decide the way to go.

Administer guest WiFi and collect user data, all while promoting online advertisements, pushing surveys, coupons, and more.


Specifically built for cyber cafes and gaming enterprises, control and protect internet connections and data access in public computers with Antamedia.

Bill customers for the internet used; be it for apps, games, document printing, etc.

Limit unlimited access by placing bandwidth restrictions or introduce a system of pay-per-hour.

Reduce the need for manual management by converting your computer into a self-service kiosk via the Antamedia Kiosk software.

Run in limited account, restrict data access, block system keys, hide system drives, and prevent hacks – all with a single software.


Perfect for managing internet usage, use the Antamedia bandwidth manager to place quote on uploads, downloads, and internet surfing.

Filter or blacklist websites, manage traffic, and gain real-time statistical feedback reports while doing so, to evaluate objective success.

In a time when WiFi is crucial, manage and control the way yours is utilized.


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Build The WiFi You Desire

Antamedia is easy to customize, and that is what makes it one of the best internet management software in the industry.

Whether you require a free WiFi, one that is engaging, social, monetizes, or allows ad depiction and the display of marketing campaigns, the software can be personalized to resolve entrepreneurial needs.


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Embrace The Cloud WiFi

As a cloud-based WiFi system, the Antamedia software does not provide internet connections, it simply helps in establishing control by getting a hold of access points in the network.

With the software you can, connect access points to internet routers, determine what data passes through for any PC, customize pages, collect payments, and a lot more.

This also grants control over guest data, surveys, and adverts.     

Choose the cloud way or go for an on-premise server – the choice is yours to make.


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Enjoy Unlimited Usage

The payment options for Antamedia are multi-fold, and therefore cater to all sorts of enterprises.

You can attain a lifetime license, which means unlimited free upgrades and riddance of the thought that the software may stop working any time or need renewal.

Or you can choose the subscription payment plans to pay for the software in installments, making the decision light on the pocket and easy on the enterprise’s budget.


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Begin Your Free Trial Today

The Antamedia software are different from the norm in the industry.

It grants a free trial of 15 days before purchase and gives access to all features in this 15-day tenure; an act merely witnessed in the software industry.

If you are deciding whether this software is the right one for you, simply sign up for the free trial, explore the features, and make an informed decision.


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Frequently Asked Questions


I am not very tech-literate. How do I understand the software setup? 

Antamedia has made the software setup a piece of cake for everyone. It has auto setup routers that lead to easy configurations. There are help guides and videos on the website to guide the process.


Is the Antamedia software popular in the industry? 

Yes! It has clients like Coca Cola, Vodafone, USAID, Intel, NASA, and more on their client portfolio. View the Antamedia website to know more.  


How do I reach out to customer support if I am stuck?

The customer service department of Antamedia is always ready and available to tend to client needs. Reach out via chat, email, or phone.


How do I confirm if the software is good for my enterprise?

Try it out! Antamedia offers a 15-day trial with open access to all software features prior to purchase.


Will I require reinstallation upon new updates?

No. The software keeps all reconfigurations in-place and automatically updates for free until the next big release.

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