Best places in Norway


Norway is the land of the fjords, trolls and elves. The fjords have been proclaimed several times as the most beautiful place on earth by various authorities. A title that speaks for itself. Even though Norway has much more to offer. Norway is especially popular among nature and hiking enthusiasts. That is not surprising, because almost no other country in Europe offers you so many options to move freely in the outdoors. Here are the best places in Norway.

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Trolltunga, Odda


Trolltunga is a long narrow rock that hangs about 350 meters above the Ringedalsmeer. Reaching this rock does not go without a serious effort, because the hike to reach the Trolltunga from Odda takes about 4.5 hours. After you've enjoyed the view and made the obligatory photos, it's time to walk back to Odda for another 4.5 hours. Moreover, it is advisable to bring good hiking shoes as you also make a climb of 800 meters. Even though it is a long journey that you have to make to reach the Trolltunga, it simply is one of Norway’s highlights you can’t miss.

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Bergen is also called the most beautiful city in Norway. The city is filled with colorful wooden houses and an overwhelming green nature. In addition, it has a beautiful location between seven fjords and mountains. Through the combination of city and nature, Bergen is the place for adventurers. What you really must visit is the 320 meter high mountain Fløyen. With a special cable car you can reach the top of the mountain, after which you will be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view over the Norwegian city of Bergen. There is a good reason that Bergen has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.

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Preikestolen in Ryfylke


Perhaps the Preikestolen is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Norway. Each year about 100,000 tourists take this trip. The Preikestolen is a huge rock plateau about 604 meters above the Lysefjord. The journey is shorter than the one to Trolltunga, but it is very tough. Especially for people who are in a poor condition and don’t hike often, it is a strenuous journey. The tour takes about 2 hours, but afterwards you will be blessed by the magnificent view over the Lysefjord.

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If you open travel magazines from Norway, the Geirangerfjord is often the first thing you see. This is not surprising as this fjord is one of the most beautiful in Norway. The 15 kilometer long Geirangerfjord can also be called the Walhalla for nature lovers. The untouched nature, the 600 meter high steep cliffs and the clear blue water will be a sight to remember. Moreover, there are beautiful waterfalls along the fjord, of which the 'Seven Sisters' is the most popular. To explore these fjords and surroundings as best as possible, you can choose one of the many tour boats or discover it yourself with a kayak. Another possibility is to book a cruise in which you also visit Geirangerfjord. Of course there are also walking and cycling paths to explore the area around the fjord.

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Reine, Lofoten

Reine Lofoten

Lofoten is an island group off the west coast of Norway, and is located above the Arctic Circle. The Lofoten are known for their unprecedented beauty with rugged mountains, sharp peaks, the open sea, the sheltered bays, the quiet beaches and the unspoilt nature. The area is also popular due to the fact that the northern lights can be observed here very well during winter. The fishing village Reine is one of the most famous sights of the Lofoten. The red houses contrast beautifully against the surrounding mountains.

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Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen is an alpine mountain area just north of Hardangervidda. Here you will find Norway's highest peak Galdhøppigen (2.469 m), the longest waterfall and a whole series of two-thousanders with sometimes razor-sharp ridges and rugged glaciers. Another famous walk is the one over the Besseggen ridge, claimed to be the best walk in Norway.

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Tromso is the most visited city above the Arctic Circle. There are plenty of sights and activities. In Tromso you have the chance to see the Northern Lights! From here you can also make a fishing trip, go on a hike, go whale hunting, ice fishing and make beautiful mountain trips.

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