Top 5 reasons to adopt search engine marketing

Did you know that Google processes about 63,000 queries every second? Yes, that’s right.

If you’re a business, then you can imagine your potential clientele to be on the web right now, searching away for a purchase option. Unless you’re giving you’re A-game in search engine marketing, you’re missing out.


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What Is Search Engine Marketing?


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) relates to the paid use of search engines to help business websites rank higher. In short, paid search ads on Google, such as those you commonly witness as the first few options in a search result.

Here’s what makes SEM a must-have strategy for any business hoping to make waves online.


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1, Obtain Quick Results


Building organic traffic to improve the traffic on your website via ways like search engine optimization are good options. But they are time consuming.

Sometimes in the game of business, time is money, and you need the first-movers advantage before competitors catch on.

SEM diverts traffic to your website via sponsored ads that immediately catch the eye of searchers, providing efficient results.  


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2, Leverage The Power Of Location


If your business isn’t global, your ads need not be too. Just because they’re featured on Google, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your consumer base.

Google allows for geo-targeted search adverts. So, you can use SEM software to display search ads targeted to a specific audience in, for instance, a specific country, city, or town.

The narrower the market niche, the greater the chance that your viewer can convert into a consumer!


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3, Improve Lead Generation


A business is always concerned with the leads generated and the conversions made. Afterall, it is the return on investment (ROI) that keeps the cashflow rolling.

Fortunately, SEM offers multiple advantages in this regard. Businesses are able to reach a vast clientele via search engines, beyond the usual potential clients that could be reached through, e.g., cold calling or viewing a certain billboard. An expanded consumer base improves leads and the chance of revenue.

In addition, SEM increases the traffic to your business’ website manifold. As consumers directly view your offerings, there is an increased chance of conversion.


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4, Stay On Top Of Competition


When you are a new entrant in an already competitive industry, marketing becomes difficult. These businesses might already have a high ranking on Google and an already established consumer base.

With SEM, you can make a splash in their market and convert your competition’s clients for yourself – really!

Businesses can create search adverts focused on keywords secured by their competitors. Since the consumers will already be searching for these famous companies, your advert will pop up on top (courtesy of SEM) and attract the limelight.

This can improve your clientele and market share considerably.  


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5, Remain Cost-Efficient


At the end of the day, businesses are concerned with one primary aspect – the money.

No matter how good a strategy is, if it isn’t financially viable for a business, implementation becomes difficult. Fortunately, SEM gives you the best bang for your buck, without costing many bucks too!

SEM is also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). Therefore, essentially while your brand will be getting a lot of attention and notice from online searchers, the ranking will only cost you when individuals click on it.

In addition, the base rate for an ad is not too high, unlike those of primetime television ads. So, it becomes a fruitful strategy with a great ROI.


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Employ SEM Today


SEM provides an array of advantages for every business. It might just be your key to obtaining a thriving online presence and garnering a huge clientele.

Opt for an SEM strategy or use software to do that for you and gain monumentally – today!

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